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DIY Halloween Chalk Art Decor Using Chalk Markers

DIY Halloween Decor with Chalk Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

Halloween is just around the corner so you gotta start creating your spooky decorations.⁠⠀
Here's a fantastic and easy do it yourself idea that you can create with materials from your own home. The children are gonna love this! ⁠⠀


1. Dab orange ink on a plate


2. Use a small sponge and dip it into chalk marker ink


3. Use sponge to paint the inside of a clear jar and fill with design of your choice


4. Do the same and play around with colors


5. Draw spooky designs outside the jar with black chalk marker


And you're done! :)


It's very fun and easy to create. You can play around with jar shapes, colors, and designs. Hope you enjoyed this!


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