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Brilliant Chalkola Chalk Markers for a Brilliant Subject

  • 3 min read

Brilliant Chalkola Chalk Markers for a Brilliant Subject | Chalkola Art Supply

Sophie, a manga artist based in the UK, hopes to become a full time illustrator.  She is interested in all kinds of art including Sioux, mucha, fantasy, Victorian along with many other styles and formats.  She has been featured in Neo Magazine and has written and illustrated a book, Jellybean.  Sophie tried Chalkola chalk markers and filmed her experiments on her YouTube channel, Sophira-Lou Illustrations.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Picture frame
  • Sketch pad
Sophie was able to create a beautiful work of art with Chalkola chalk markers. set of Chalkola She received a complete set of Chalkola chalk markers, the jumbo Platinum series plus the package of regular and metallic markers. Shaking and priming Shaking and priming the chalk markers takes a few moments with each one but it’s pretty simple to prepare them for use. sketched the basics She has already sketched the basics of a parrot and positions a piece of glass over the sketch.  It will be easier to draw this way. draw a parrot Sophie chose to draw a parrot because of Chalkola’s bright, vibrant colors.  She had some trouble with colors bleeding into each other as she layered them.  Allowing the ink to dry completely before adding another layer solved that problem. let them dry Since Chalkola chalk markers are water based it’s always best to let them dry completely before adding another color on top of or beside the first color. blend You can see that Sophie doesn’t always allow the first color to dry before adding another.  Sometimes she likes to blend them as she does here with the yellow and green. brilliant contrast Allowing the base color to dry allows a brilliant contrast of two shades. tree branch She needs somewhere for her parrot to perch so uses the brown to start a tree branch. switches the paper Sophie switches the paper under the glass from white to black so that she can see the colors a little better. different shades of green The different shades of green are ideal for drawing leaves.  She has been working with the Chalkola markers for awhile on this drawing but the markers are extremely low odor.  Some chalk markers have unpleasant odors that make them difficult to work with for more than a few minutes but not Chalkola. project Chalkola is also completely child safe so you can do a project with your favorite young person.  Children love Chalkola chalk markers! layer and blend colors Sophie likes to layer and blend colors, as you can see in this picture that she did not film.  She can layer and blend with Chalkola markers but it took some trial and error. sealant She found that when the layers were built up heavily, they tended to flake off.  She recommends a sealant if you want to keep a particular project or you want to keep it from flaking until you’re ready to dispose of it. backing in the frame Sophie prepares to put the backing in the frame she is working with. beautiful detail You can see all the beautiful detail she was able to draw into her scene. glass in its frame Putting the glass in its frame and affixing the backing will make it suitable for display. parrot so realistic Sophie has made her parrot so realistic it almost looks like a photograph! fantastic to use She fills in a few more details.  The colors are so bright and “they are fantastic to use”.  She’s having fun trying different textures and techniques. finished project The finished project is beautiful! Sophie really loved the vibrant colors of Chalkola chalk markers.  She also thought of many other things she could do with them such as decorating wineglasses, chalkboards, plastic, whiteboards and a host of other projects she’d like to try.  She will definitely keep Chalkola chalk markers in her most-used art supply inventory! Also read – Make a Beautiful Greeting Card with Chalkola Chalk Markers

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