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Create a Colorful Statue of Liberty Crown

  • 2 min read

ARTIVITY: Create a Colorful Statue of Liberty Crown

Whether you’re celebrating indoors or having a good ol’ backyard barbecue, make your Labor Day celebration extra festive and meaningful with this DIY Statue of Liberty crown–a wonderful activity to commemorate freedom and labor in a creative way.
So prepare your craft space, start gathering your materials, and get ready to design your own crown–because we’re celebrating you and all your achievements through art today!

Materials needed:

Ready to get crafty for your Labor Day party? Let’s watch the quick and easy tutorial video below and start creating together!


  1. Prepare your materials. Lay out your paper, and using your pencil, trace a half moon on the bottom part which makes the base of your crown.
  2. Cut out your crown base which should resemble an upside down half moon (make sure both ends are squared and not pointed).
  3. For the crown details, cut out five long and pointed triangles in the same size. 
  4. This is where the real fun starts. Instead of using a paint brush, practice painting using your fingers! Just dip your finger into the paint and start applying it on your crown cutout. Don’t worry about messing it up! Acrylic paint is easy to spread on paper and to combine with other colors. Spreading it with your finger will also give your crown a layered color effect.
  5. Once you’re done painting your crown base and details, and once the paint has dried, put tape on the bottom part of your triangles (wider part). Lay them out (evenly spaced on top of the crown base) before attaching them.
  6. If you want to add more details and designs, you can do so and then let the paint dry.
  7. Create a small hole on both ends of your crown base, and insert your rope of choice. This should help hold your crown when you’re wearing it.

You can use this method to make other crown designs for any occasion or party–and lay them on the table for each person to wear. It’s a great personalized party favorthat will showcase your creativity and style!

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