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Using Chalk Markers to Create Special Effects

  • 2 min read

Using Chalkola Markers and Special Effects | Chalkola Art Supply

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola metallic markers
  • Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers
  • Platinum Series window markers
  • Mug
  • Damp sponge
  • Glass bowl
  • Window

Step One

Jacqueline is a young woman who loves to draw and paint.  She has her own YouTube channel called Tenshi Crafts that showcases her artistic talents.  She shares the processes she uses to create paintings, clay miniatures, jewelry, drawings, nail art, and even a hot glue waterfall. artistic talent

Step Two

Jacqueline tried Chalkola chalk markers and was impressed with the vivid colors and how easy clean up was. Chalkola chalk markers

Step Three

As the box says, Chalkola chalk markers are best used on non porous surfaces.  They easily wash out of clothing, dry quickly, are non toxic and child safe, and the colors stay brilliant and beautiful until they are wiped away. best used on

Step Four

She read the quick start guide on the back of the box and gave the pen she chose a few good shakes to mix up the ink in the reservoir. quick start guide

Step Five

There were ten colors to choose from plus the six metallic markers. metallic markers

Step Six

Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers have bright, bold colors.  Here we see pink and blue. Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Marker

Step 7

Jacqueline lines up the markers so that she can see all the different colors she has to choose from. different marker colors

Step 8

The Platinum Series window markers have a 15mm jumbo tip that is ideal for sign making. Platinum Series window marker

Step 9

After shaking the marker well, Jacqueline draws the ink down from the reservoir to the nib by pressing it against a hard surface a few times. nib by pressing

Step 10

The ink descends from the reservoir and saturates the nib. saturates the nib

Step 11

Jacqueline chooses an orange chalk marker to draw on a coffee mug. orange chalk marker

Step 12

Once it’s dry, Chalkola chalk markers won’t rub off or smear.  You can see how bright the colors are in the hearts and curls she’s made on the mug. curls on the mug

Step 13

A damp sponge removes the marker easily even though it won’t rub off when touched. damp sponge

Step 14

Jacqueline uses a glass bowl containing two dragons to draw a flame with orange and yellow Chalkola markers.  When she’s finished it looks as if one of the dragons is breathing fire. glass bowl

Step 15

Now she moves to the window with a blue marker and begins to draw. window

Step 16

Using yellow, green, pink, red, and two shades of blue, Jacqueline begins to draw a unicorn. draw a unicorn

Step 17

The unicorn is complete!  The bright colors really stand out and you can see she’s added a few interesting details. bright colors

Step 18

Jacqueline adds a final touch by pouring some water over the artwork on the window. water over the artwork

Step 19

The colors running as they dissolve in the water create a stunning effect. dissolve in the water You can undoubtedly think of other unique techniques and effects to use.  Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe chalk markers are versatile as well as beautiful. Also read – Welcome the Seasons with Chalkola Chalk Markers

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