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Using Chalk Markers on a Ceramic Plate

  • 2 min read

Using Chalkola Chalk Markers on a Ceramic Plate | Chalkola Art Supply

Our friend Ivor “Harry” Harrison of The Art Gear Guide was very excited to receive Chalkola Chalk Markers to test and review. On his website, you can find honest reviews and demonstrations on all sorts of art supplies. It's a great source of information for artists so they'd know if an art supply is worth getting.

Here, we'll see how Harry and his children enjoyed being creative with their Chalkola markers!

Materials used:

Harry will demonstrate how vibrant the Chalkola Chalk Markers are, and how easy they are to use. Ceramics and other non-porous surfaces are ideal for these markers.ceramic dinner plate A ceramic dinner plate makes a perfect non-porous surface to test the markers on. brown marker Harry starts with the brown marker for the center of his sunflower. The ink glides on effortlessly. yellow marker Next, he selects a yellow marker for the petals. The colors are so vivid against the white background. petals Once the petals are filled in, the sunflower begins to take shape. But Harry isn't finished with his creation yet. orange petals Adding some orange petals makes an attractive contrast. yellow petals He uses the orange marker to add some texture and details to the yellow petals. flower’s center The yellow marker is used again to add details the flower’s center. beautiful sunflowerAll done! Harry presents his bright and beautiful sunflower on a plain ceramic plate.  He liked the ease of using the markers and particularly liked the fact that they did not leave blots as some other brands do. It was also easy for him to do some finely detailed work like adding texture to the petals and on the center part. All in all, a great art supply for Harry and the kids! Also read: Adult Coloring With Chalkola Chalk Markers

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