Saigami’s Creator Gets Creative with Chalkola Chalk Markers

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Hungarian artist Andrea Otilia Vörös is the creator of the comic and Saturday morning serial Saigami.  Her art is as important to her as breathing so her tools are crucial.  That’s why she was so excited to try Chalkola chalk markers.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Plexiglas covered wardrobe
Andrea was challenged by Chalkola chalk markers because they are so different from the tools she usually uses to create her comics. variety of sizes She is pleasantly surprised by all the colors offered and likes the variety of sizes.  The fact that Chalkola chalk markers are non toxic, child safe, low odor, long lasting, and wash off easily makes this product very impressive to her. Plexiglas covered wardrobe Andrea just moving into a new apartment and the only surface she can think of to use is the Plexiglas covered wardrobe.  She tests a marker on an inconspicuous spot just in case and is pleased that it wipes off easily and completely. ideal surface This is actually an ideal surface for Chalkola chalk markers, smooth and non porous. draw the outline Andrea begins to draw the outline of Naruto, a character that inspired her as a young artist. vertical surface She is not used to working on a vertical surface so it is awkward for her to draw.  Nonetheless, she likes the way the markers move so smoothly over the surface. drawing Naruto Andrea says she usually does a sketch then works over it but she doesn’t have that luxury here, as pencil will not show up on Plexiglas.  She is drawing Naruto from memory and doing a very good job of it. shading and shadow Having never used chalk markers before, she cannot find a way yet to use shading and shadow.  She occasionally smears her work but mentions she also has that problem in her regular work because she is impatient.  The chalk markers will wipe away cleaning if she needs to fix a smeared section. black chalk marker She draws in some details with the black chalk marker. outlines certain areas Andrea outlines certain areas to make the features more prominent. complete figure She fills in some minor details below the neck to give the impression of a complete figure. outline of the body A little color on the outline of the body makes it look complete.  Notice how she used both thin and bold lines to give Naruto’s hair almost a 3-D effect. comic figure Despite her self criticism, Andrea has created a remarkably life-like portrait of a beloved comic figure.  It was difficult on a vertical surface but she did a great job and had fun doing it. This was Andrea’s first time using Chalkola chalk markers so she did not know that she could blend and layer the colors with a little practice, something she really wanted to do with her Naruto portrait.  She found more positives than negatives such as the variety of vibrant colors, the quick and easy clean up, the ease of doing Calligraphy with the Platinum series jumbo markers, and how easy it is to decorate with them.  Andrea recommends Chalkola chalk markers, saying that projects and creativity with these markers is limited only by one’s imagination.   Also read – Chalkola Chalk Markers Meet The Trolls!

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