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Chalk Coloring: A New Twist to Adult Coloring with Chalk Markers

  • 2 min read

A New Twist to Adult Coloring with Chalkola Chalk Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

Coloring books for adults have gained so much popularity over the years–and rightfully so–as using them offers respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Most people find these activity books therapeutic and relaxing, too. If you're a fan of these beloved books, then you've come to the right place. Here, we'll show you a new twist on coloring using Chalkola Chalk Markers. This will also allow you to use your favorite coloring page over and over with different colors each time!

Materials needed:

Ready to take adult coloring to the next level? Let's start!

It may not look exciting at first but you’ll get hours and hours of enjoyment from this project.project

You can use any color scheme you like on your favorite picture and then do it differently the next time. color scheme picture

Step 1

First, choose one of your favorites from the coloring book. It may be one that you haven’t colored yet because you're saving the best for last. coloring book

Step 2

Once you’ve chosen your coloring page you’ll need a frame to mount it in. coloring page

Step 3

Set the picture face down in the frame and secure the back. Once you’re done, it should look like this: the front covered with glass and the back attached to keep the picture in place. covered glass

Step 4

Now, you’re ready to thoroughly enjoy yourself and relax! Fill in the spaces with the brilliant colors of Chalkola's Chalk Markers using any combination you wish. fill in the spaces

Step 5

Once you’re finished with your picture, you can simply wipe off the colors with a damp cloth. wipe off colors

Step 6

Now you have your favorite coloring page completely blank to enjoy again! completely blank

There is no limit to creative fun when you have Chalkola Chalk Markers! creative chalkola Also read: Light up your Life with this Adorable Kitty Votive

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