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Chalkola Chalk Markers Really are that Great!

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Chalkola Chalk Markers Really are that Great! | Chalkola Art Supply

There are so many things you can do with Chalkola chalk markers! Whether you own a restaurant or are head chef in your home, Chalkola markers can build your diners’ anticipation for your special dishes.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola Platinum Series window chalk markers
  • Chalkola Metallic Markers
  • Chalkola premium wet wipe markers
  • Chalkboard
  • Whiteboard
  • Window spray or dump cloth

Great fact #1

Chalkola Platinum Series window chalk markers are one of the most versatile products on the market today.  Not only do they have the brilliant colors Chalkola is known for, they each have a 3 in 1 nib.  Whether you want a bold, thick line or you want to draw some delicate scrolling this marker will do it all. Chalkola markers

Great fact #2

Chalkola premium wet wipe markers come in a pack of 10 vivid colors for all your artistic needs. window chalk markers

Great fact #3

For something completely different try Chalkola Metallic Markers!  The package includes metallic gold, silver, blue, green, red, and pink markers for eye catching beauty no one can ignore. chalkola metallic markers

Great fact #4

Chalkola’s Premium Wet Wipe markers are so easy to use on any impervious surface. Wet Wipe markers

Great fact #5

You can dress up a chalkboard sign with Chalkola markers.  Your only limits are your imagination! chalkboard sign

Great fact #6

Chalkola markers are perfect for the impervious surface of a whiteboard.  You can use them to organize lesson plans, announce the weekly menu, and make grocery lists your family can add items to, or just enjoy doodling with them. whiteboard

Great fact #7-a

Chalkola’s Window Chalk Markers work the same way as their other chalk markers but have the 3 in 1 nib.  Be sure to properly prepare your marker by vigorously shaking it so that the ink is thoroughly mixed. 3 in 1 nib

Great fact #7 -b

Put the nib on a hard, impervious surface and push down a few times to draw the ink down.  After a few pumps you’ll see the ink beginning to fill in the nib of the marker. nib of the marker

Great fact #8-a

Cleaning up after using Chalkola markers is super simple.  Some people like to use a window spray but you really only need a damp cloth to wipe the marker off. window spray

Great fact #8-b

You won’t wear yourself out scrubbing because Chalkola markers are so easy to wipe off. easy to wipe off

Great fact #8-c

A few swipes of your cloth and all the color will be gone! color gone

Great fact #10

You will love the vivid colors of Chalkola markers and the easy clean up. love chalkola markers

Creative, isn't it?

Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers will open up a whole new world of creativity for you, your children, your friends, or your students. Chalkola Premium

It's really GREAT!

Teachers, artists, crafters, marketers, parents, and everyone else who uses Chalkola chalk markers gives them a big two thumbs up! two thumbs up   Also read – A New Twist to Adult Coloring with Chalkola Chalk Markers

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