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Kickstart Your Romance with Chalkola Markers!

  • 2 min read

Kickstart Your Romance With Chalkola Markers! | Chalkola Art Supply

Chalkola Chalk Markers are a lot of fun and very useful but did you know that they can help bring more romance into your home? As unlikely as that sounds, you’ll find that it works beautifully—figuratively and literally! Here are a few fun ways to make your loved one love you more: Mirror Your Love If you get up before they do, use a Chalkola chalk marker to write a short note on the  bathroom mirror. Make sure the mirror is dry if you tend to shower in the morning! You can draw x’s and o’s, a set of bright red puckered lips, or a flower. Make a romantic proposal like, “Can’t wait to see you tonight!” You could write an invitation to lunch or tell them how much you adore the way they look when they’re asleep. Pick something about them that you love and tell them. It will start their day right and make them think of you all day Call Attention to Yourself If your loved one jogs or walks a regular path you can use that to remind them that you love them. Get a small chalkboard or other non-porous surface that you can use as a sign. Write a message on the surface and tie it around a tree or a bench is on their route. You might want to use the neon colors to insure that it will stand out and attract their attention and be sure to use their name so they will know it’s for them. You could draw a rose or their favorite flower or anything else special to them. It will be sure to give them a smile and make them feel that they are lucky to have you in their life. Dress Up Dinner If you’re the one who cooks dinner you can make it fun and romantic with chalk markers. You can use a chalkboard or even a window to write out the menu and an invitation to relax in “the lounge” while the dinner is prepared. Throw in some humor with outlandish descriptions such as “Noble Durum Wheat Semolina tossed with a rich sauce and mixed with only the finest of golden fermented cream.” That perfectly describes macaroni and cheese, of course! If you have children, let them in on the fun; children can come up with some hilarious food descriptions and they are great at decorating. Give each child a marker and let them adorn the dinnerware with hearts or short messages.   Make Them Welcome Surprise your loved one with a welcome home message on the garage door or a chalkboard inside the garage. If you don’t have a garage you can write a message with a chalk marker on a window he or she passes on the way to the door. These are just a few ideas that will help rekindle romance in your relationship. You can probably come up with several more ideas that will make your loved one feel treasured. Use Chalkola Chalk Markers at least once a week to keep the home fires burning!

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