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How to Increase Your Business in February

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How to Increase Your Business in February | Chalkola Art Supply

No matter what kind of business you have, effective advertising is important if you want to increase business and Chalkola chalk markers can help you achieve that goal. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching so we at Chalkola thought we’d throw out some ideas on fun and effective advertising using our attention getting chalk markers. Almost everyone agrees that signage is a valuable resource when you’re trying to attract foot traffic or get the attention of passing cars. You need something that stands out; it doesn’t have to be big but it does have to attract the eye. Bright colors and interesting illustrations are a combination that is rarely ignored. If you can get a person to look at your signage for just a fraction of a second, they will most likely give it their full attention or at least remember that they would like to investigate it further. Hearts ‘n Flowers There’s no denying that flowers are a popular gift on Valentine’s Day and so are heart shaped boxes filled with candy. People are used to seeing these items year after year so you’ll want to fill your doors, windows, and other non-porous surfaces with something different or at least a variation that will attract attention. Roses are the most common flower associated with Valentine’s day because they symbolise love. But did you know that their symbolism is not as strong as that of other flowers? You can use chalk markers to illustrate the following flowers and their meanings to attract traffic to your business and to make people remember your business:
  • Bird of paradise – joyfulness, magnificence, anticipation
  • Calla Lily – beauty, purity, innocence
  • Carnation – red is romantic love or admiration. Pink is for a mother or friend, white for innocence and pure love
  • Chrysanthemum – fidelity, long life, joy.
  • Daffodil – new beginnings, long life, rebirth
  • Daisy – innocence, purity, steadfast love. Gerber daisies convey cheerfulness
  • Gardenia – secret love, joy, purity
  • Gladiola - faithfulness, honor
  • Iris – yellow is passion, white is purity, blue is faith, purple is wisdom
  • Lily – orange is passion, yellow is joyfulness
You could make an attractive card with the above list and hand it out to visitors prior to Valentine’s Day. Of course, you’ll want to include your business’s address and phone number for future reference. Make a Fun Promotion They Will Remember Chalk markers can be used on signs, chalkboards, or the windows and doors of your business to advertise a special promotion. For example, who can resist a colorful invitation to “Come in for a Free Kiss!”? Have a bowl full of Hershey’s kisses ready for those who decide to take your offer! Who could turn down a bit of free love? Use your Chalkola chalk markers to dress up your window or door with attention-getting colors declaring that you have “free love” for the taking. It will cost just a few dollars to have a bowl of lollipops or other hard candy decorated with sentiments of love. The secret to making these cute promotions effective is not only getting peoples’ attention but motivating people to walk through the store to claim their free love and kisses. Use your chalk markers to point the way to the treats, a path that takes your prospective new customers at least partway through your most attractive goods or most-used services. Use Your Creativity   It doesn’t take a fortune to use effective advertising, just some creativity. Increase your business by using Chalkola chalk markers and take advantage of popular events like Valentine’s Day to attract new customers. Also check out : Kickstart Your Romance With Chalkola Markers!

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