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Design Your Ordinary Light Bulb Using Chalk Markers

  • 1 min read

Go from Boring to Glorious with Chalkola Chalk Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

You can change an ordinary can-type overhead light into a work of art with just an ordinary light bulb and a Chalkola marker!

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Ordinary light bulb
  • Chalkola marker

Step 1

Grasping the light bulb firmly, use the chalk marker to draw on the surface of the bulb.  You can draw flowers, birds, dragons, or anything else that strikes your fancy.  A black marker will show up better but you can choose any color you like. Ordinary light bulb

Step 2

Let the chalk marker dry on the bulb.  When it’s ready, just screw it into the light fixture and turn on the switch. Chalk marker on bulb

Step 3

Voila! You have turned an ordinary, unattractive, utilitarian light fixture into beautiful artwork! beautiful artwork Also read – Chalk Marker Luminous Creations

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