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DIY Black Light with Chalk Markers

Chalk Marker Luminous Creations | Chalkola Art Supply

Let there be light!

Grab your Chalkola Chalk Markers and a few other materials, and let's play around with some DIY black light magic. You’ll need:

Let's start making our black light!Markers play with light

Step 1

Prepare all your materials. Make sure your vase isn't overflowing; fill it just before the water reaches the brim.

sheet of plastic vase full of water

Step 2

Next is to prepare your light source. Use a strip of packing tape to cover the lens of the flashlight. packing tape cover

Step 3

Choose a color that you'd want to reflect as your light, and apply it to the tape covering the lens. tape covering lens Repeat two more times using two other colors. chalkola other colors In the video, our artist used dark blue, purple, and light blue.

Step 4

Now, you'll need two colors of chalk markers for the next step. chalk markers

Step 5

Time to use your sheet of plastic. Think of some inspirational words or phrases–something like dream big, be kind, or whatever it may be that lifts your spirits and promotes positivity.use sheet of plastic

Step 6

Using neon chalk markers, write those words on the plastic. neon chalk markers chalk markers on plastic

Step 7

Once you're done, cut the plastic so that each word or short phrase is on a separate strip. separate strip

Step 8

Drop the strips of plastic into the vase full of water. strips of plastic into vase

Step 9

Turn off or dim the room lighting and turn on the flashlight while you swirl the water in the vase. flashlight water in vase The neon colors will be beautiful as the strips swirl in the water and the light from the colored lens will really make the colors pop. light from colored lens You’ll notice that occasionally you’ll be able to make out a word as it passes, making this a relaxing and inspirational artistic creation. artistic creation

Whether you're working on an arts and crafts project, creating a lettering, or coloring an illustration, make sure you're getting the most out of your versatile chalk pens. We've prepared this helpful video below to give you tips and ideas on how to fully and properly enjoy your chalk markers. Have fun!

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