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Fun with Chalkola Highlighters

  • 1 min read

Fun with Chalkola Highlighters | Chalkola Art Supply

Have you ever wished for a really jazzy tri-color highlighter or marker?  Something like that would look great when you’re studying, checking off items on a list, or any of a number of uses.  A tri-color marker is really quite easy to make!

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • 3 colors of chalkola chalk markers
  • Highlighter
  • Milk
  • Your checklist

Step 1

A yellow marker is a good color to start with.  Choose two other colors.  Purple and red are good choices.

Step 2

Holding the yellow marker in one hand and a purple one in the other, carefully touch the point of the purple to one corner of the yellow marker’s nib. yellow marker

Step 3

Repeat carefully with the red marker on the opposite corner of the yellow marker’s nib. red marker

Step 4

Now you should have a yellow highlighter with a different colored spot on each side. different colored spot

Step 5

To get all the colors to flow freely together, dip the tip of the yellow highlighter in milk.  Take a second to enjoy the color slick it leaves! highlighter in milk

Step 6

You can see how the milk softens the bright colors as you use your newly created tri-color marker to check off items on a list or any of the many tasks you can use it for. tri-color marker Also read – Fabulous Fingernail Art

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