A DIY Chalkboard You’ll Love to Use

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It’s not hard to make a beautiful chalkboard like this using wood scraps and chalkboard or masonite.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Wood scraps
  • Chalkola Jumbo Window markers
  • Chalkola chalk pens and metallic markers
  • Pencil to mark the woods
  • Different paint colors
  • damp cloth or paper towel

Step 1

You don’t have to spend a lot to make a chalkboard.  You can use wood scraps from other projects like these ¼” slats and pieces of 1x6 boards. wood scraps

Step 2-a

Once you have built a chalkboard you can use these great Chalkola chalk markers on it!  It’s best to make your chalkboard with a non-porous surface so that you get the brightest colors and easy clean up. Chalkola chalk markers

Step 2-b

It’s especially fun to use Chalkola Jumbo Window markers with their 3 in 1 nibs to give you 3 thicknesses to choose from. Chalkola Jumbo Window markers

Step 2-c

With this pack of 10 chalk pens and 6 metallic markers you can really get creative! pack of chalk markers

Step 2-d

You can see that there are 10 chalk markers and 6 metallic markers. chalk and metallic markers

Step 2-e

The metallic pens are a bit smaller than the chalk markers and are stored in a separate sleeve. metallic pens and chalk markers

Step 3

One you have the material you’ve chosen for your chalkboard it’s time to look at your materials and decide how you want it to look.  This material is a sheet of Masonite that is usually used in furniture but it will make a fine chalkboard.  It’s also impervious so clean up will be a breeze. fine chalkboard

Step 3-a

Look over the wood you have and see what there is to use.  Depending on your design, you can use just about any scraps you may have lying around your workshop. wood scrap

Step 3-b

You’ll need a pencil to clearly mark the wood.  Remember the old saying: “measure twice, cut once”! mark the wood

Step 3-c

Once you’ve measured you can place the pieces where they should be.  You’ll be able to see if your design suits you or if you need to make some changes. measured pieces

Step 3-d

You can see how the chalkboard will look inside its frame.  At this point you may want to decide whether you want a natural frame or you’d like to stain or paint the wood. chalkboard frame

Step 4-a

Some slats can come in handy to make a design on the chalkboard if you’d like to get really artsy. design on chalkboard

Step 4-b

You can paint or stain the decorative slats in different colors to make it interesting to look at and distinctly unique. paint colors

Step 4-c

When you’re done you’ll have some very attractive pieces to work with. attractive pieces

Step 4-d

This chalkboard uses a design that call for the slats to be placed diagonally across the bottom of the chalkboard. chalkboard designs

Step 4-e

You may want to build a design diagonally like this.  It really catches the eye and you’ll never tire of looking at it. design diagonally

Step 5

Your completed chalkboard is ready to use! chalkboard ready

Step 6-a

A Chalkola Jumbo Window Marker is a fun way to test out your chalkboard.  You can play around with the 3 thicknesses of lines that these jumbo markers are able to make thanks to their 3 in 1 nibs.  Shake vigorously before using to mix the ink thoroughly. Chalkola Jumbo Window Marker

Step 6-b

Depress the tip of the marker several times until the ink begins to seep into the nib. tip of the marker

Step 6-c

It won’t take much time or effort before the nib is saturated with bright, colorful ink. colorful ink

Step 6-d

You can see how large the Jumbo Window markers are. jumbo marker

Step 6-e

These large diameter markers are very easy to hold and maneuver and they are perfect for children’s hands, too. large diameter markers

Step 6-f

The thick, bold line these jumbo markers can make is truly impressive! thick bold line

Step 6-g

The Premium markers are thinner than the Jumbo but just as bright and colorful. Premium markers

Step 6-h

The smaller tip and smaller pen size allows you to include a lot of small details if you wish.  These are great for more intricate designs. smaller tip marker

Step 6-i

You can see the fine lines you’re able to make with these smaller markers smaller markers

Step 6-j

The metallic markers don’t need any preparation prior to usage; you can start using them straight from the box without even shaking them. metallic marker

Step 6-k

The metallic markers have tips capable of fine, detailed lines. metallic tips

Step 6-l

A photo can’t really capture the effect of these metallic markers but you’ll find that they are versatile, beautiful, and so much fun to use! fun to use

Step 7-a

Cleaning up Chalkola chalk markers is nearly effortless.  Simply wipe with a damp rag. Cleaning up Chalkola chalk markers

Step 7-b

Your first wipe will pick up most of the color and another swipe will usually leave a clean surface. first wipe

Step 7-c

After just a couple of wipes of a damp cloth or paper towel you’ll never know the chalkboard or other nonporous surface had a mark on it! after wipes

Step 8-a

Now we’ll step back and look at the finished chalkboard-voila!  The effect of the diagonal, varicolored slats is stunning. finished chalkboard

Step 8-b

All the colors of Chalkola Chalk Markers were used on this design, including the metallic pens.  It’s such fun to work with such brilliant colors! colors of Chalkola Chalk Markers

Step 8-c

Leaving the nail heads visible is a nice touch that gives this beautiful board a rustic look. beautiful board

Step 8-d

You’ll be proud of your hand made chalk board and it was fun to make, too.  You’ll get a lot of compliments both on your chalkboard and the vivid colors of Chalkola chalk markers. hand made chalk board   Also read – Chalkola Chalk Markers Really are that Great!

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