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How to Make an Affirmation Station Using Chalk Markers

  • 2 min read

A Chalkola Chalk Marker Affirmation Station | Chalkola Art Supply

Katrina Sherwood likes to create DIY videos on any subject that inspires her but she particularly likes crafts and home décor.  One of her more recent videos depicted the creation of her “affirmation station” with the help of Chalkola chalk markers.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Picture frame
  • Dark paper for background
An affirmation station is a place to inspire you, a place of rest and beauty.  It’s easy to make. picture frame All Katrina needs to make her affirmation station is a picture frame, dark paper, and Chalkola chalk markers. back of the picture frame She began her project by gathering her materials and removing the back of the picture frame. glass of the frame The glass of the frame should be as clean as possible. paper against the frame Katrina didn’t have a ruler close at hand to measure with so she laid the paper against the frame and cut it to fit. full coverage She made sure that the paper was cut straight so there would be full coverage of the frame’s glass. paper in the frame Then she put the paper in the frame to double check.  At this point she could make any changes she might need in the size of the paper. backing on the frame She replaces the backing on the frame.  She chose a frame that can be hung on a wall or stand by itself. surface Now she has a surface that she can write and draw on as often as she likes. optimistic message Katrina believes that surrounding her home with positive energy improves her own outlook and can even have a beneficial physical effect.  Seeing a positive, optimistic message makes every day start well. lettering She used white for this message and had some fun with the lettering. easy to wipe It’s very easy to wipe off the chalk markers with a damp cloth. glass can be used again After wiping off the chalk marker the glass can be used again immediately. Changing the quotes Changing the quotes or ideas on the frame every few days or even daily will keep the inspiration fresh. changeable frame Katrina likes to surround herself with positive, beautiful things so this changeable frame is perfect for her affirmation station. dark background With the dark background, any color will stand out.  Chalkola’s colors are rich and vibrant even after the ink dries. inspirational quotes Not only are the inspirational quotes uplifting, Katrina has such fun making them.  Like most people, she is surprised at the lack of odor in the markers.  It makes using them a much more enjoyable experience. different lettering She experiments with different lettering and it almost looks as if the last word is moving.  If she doesn’t like that particular effect it’s easy to wipe it away and try again. affirmation board Katrina is satisfied with her affirmation board and builds the rest of her station.  She likes to include beauty and fun with inspiration.  A candle completes her scenario. behind her frame Katrina loved working with Chalkola chalk markers.  She put a few behind her frame so that they’ll be handy whenever she wants to change the message.  The brilliant colors of Chalkola chalk markers will be fun to work with on other projects, too.   Also read – Chalkola Travels to Germany

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