Chalk Marker Rainbow Inspirations

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If you're into art, letterings, and rainbows, then this art idea is perfect for you. It's a fun and creative activity that makes an awesome artwork–and something you can keep around as decor if you wish!

Materials needed:

  • Sheet of paper
  • Chalkola Chalk Markers (Choose four colors and one black marker)
  • A picture frame (with glass)
  • A mild scraper to be used for the color on the glass

Step 1

On a clean sheet of paper, use one of your markers to make a square or a circle. Repeat across the width of the paper, about nine rows, and down the length of the paper for four rows. clean sheet paper

Step 2

Repeat with another marker color so that the second color is beneath and touching the first until you have four colors in each column across and down the paper. color marker on paper

Step 3

Keep in mind that you will be stacking different colors in columns. You’ll have nine columns across the paper and four columns down the paper. Don’t align them perfectly; the idea is to use these columns of color to cover as much of the paper as possible. Stagger the rows so that no one column of color is directly above another. chalkola different colors

Step 4

Now that you have a paper full of colors, mount it in the frame and secure the back so the paper stays in place. frame

Step 5

Prepare your black chalk marker and color the glass black. If your frame has a matte back, which some people prefer, tape around the matte so that the black marker on the glass doesn’t obscure any part of it. frame matte Once it dries completely, you can use your scraper. scraper

Step 6

Scrape off the black marker to form letters and/or shapes, which will reveal the rainbow of colors underneath. scrape off black marker This unique method of making an art piece is fun and relaxing. Once you’re done, you’ll have something personally made to enjoy, and even decorate your home with! Also read: When are Liquid Chalk Markers Permanent?

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