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An Amazing New Technique for Chalk Markers

  • 2 min read

An Amazing New Technique for Chalkola Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

Mira Byler loves everything about art, particularly the wide variety of media she can use to inspire her creations.  One of the services she does for her YouTube subscribers is testing new media and giving her honest opinion.  After obtaining a B.S. in Biology Mira found herself pulled back to her first love – art.  She encourages aspiring artists to persist in their passions and develop their talent.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Glass surface
Mira decides that she would like to make her first Chalkola creation on glass.  Glass is usually a challenging medium as well as one that yields beautiful results. glass Mira lays out her Chalkola chalk markers to see all the colors she has to choose from.  She has never worked with chalk markers before and she’s very exciting about the possibilities. Chalkola chalk markers She is impressed with the 3 in 1 nib on the Platinum series markers.  She has just prepared the blue one to use. Platinum series markers Mira starts by experimenting on a small piece of glass, seeing how the colors look and finding out how she can mix the colors. experimenting After a few tries she is able to mix a beautiful rosy pink color. piece of glass Using the small piece of glass for a palette, Mira is going to use a larger one for her creation. pink pastel blossom She starts with a focal point for her painting, a pink pastel blossom. more flowers She had donned plastic gloves to avoid getting natural oils from her hands on the glass surface.  This insures that the colors and shapes will be consistent.  Her she adds more flowers and uses metallic green to accentuate a different type of flowering vine. bouquet She expands the bouquet by making complementary shapes and colors, making it interesting to look at and quite realistic. blending colors Mira is nearly finished with her artwork.  She’s had a lot of fun mixing and blending colors to get the effects she envisioned. finished product The finished product!  Mira loves working with Chalkola chalk markers and was very pleased with how easy they were to work with. Mira Byler did something completely different when she tried Chalkola chalk markers for the first time.  Her creative inspiration led her to use the markers to create beautiful new shades and colors.  Chalkola chalk markers have been proven once more to be a high quality, versatile medium that anyone can work with.

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