A Southpaw’s Review of Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers

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Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe markers asked Jane Bush (Southpaw Creative Arts) to post a review of its product.  Jane is a self-taught illustrator, artist, and concert/band photographer with a degree in Visual Communications.  She enjoys creating fun reviews on new art products, technique tutorials, and videos about reaching inward as an artist.    Jane loves to try new art supplies and techniques and had a lot of fun with Chalkola chalk markers!

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Regular chalkboard
  • Damp cloth
Jane used all three types of Chalkola chalk markers for her project, a sign on chalkboard. Chalkola products package She was surprised at the sizes and colors included in the Chalkola products package.  She liked the idea of jumbo, regular, and metallic markers to choose from. regular chalkboard Jane decides to use regular chalkboard for her project. Platinum series marker She begins with the green Platinum series marker with the 3 in 1 chisel tip.  She likes the vibrant color and control she has on line thickness. letters The chisel tip makes interesting letters and draws the viewers’ attention with the contrast of thin, thick, and medium.  Jane was somewhat disappointed about the color seeping into the chalkboard but this would not have happened with a non-porous chalkboard surface.  She is pleasantly surprised, though, when she takes the sign to the sale and the chalk markers don’t smudge or fade while the sign is actually in use. chalk marker wipes Jane really likes the way that she can easily erase her work even after it is dry.  All she needs is a damp cloth and the chalk marker wipes right off! Chalkola Platinum series The Platinum series markers hold enough ink for any project.  The 3 in 1 chisel tip makes thin, medium, or bold lines, allowing the artist more versatility.  Jane prefers the Platinum series because of the unique nib on the marker. finished project Jane’s finished project is a sign that really stands out and attracts attention.  The colors are bright and the pens are easy to work with.  All in all, Jane loves Chalkola chalk markers!   Also read – An Amazing New Technique for Chalkola Markers

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