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Scrapbooking Using Chalk Markers

  • 3 min read

Scrapbooking with Chalkola Chalk Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

Edith Wray, or Edi as her friends call her, loves scrapbooking and was really excited to try out Chalkola Chalk Markers.  Scrapbooking involves a lot of labeling as well as a many opportunities for creativity so Edi knew that she would find all kinds of new things to do with Chalkola Chalk Markers!

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Glass
  • Damp cloth
  • Sticking labels
  • Plastic magazine container
  • Spray cleaner
  • Art quality paper
  • Black art stock paper
  • Plastic envelop
Being able to reuse labels is important if you enjoy buying scrapbooking supplies!  Edi has her own business, Scrapbooking with M.E., near her home in North Vinemont, Alabama. Platinum series chalk markers Edi was impressed when she read the labeling on the Platinum series chalk markers.  As well as being non toxic and child safe the markers are acid free, long lasting, quick dry and washes easily out of clothing. draw the ink down She demonstrated how to shake the markers and draw the ink down into the nib by pressing the nib down repeatedly. glass These markers work beautifully on glass.  They would really come in handy to decorate glasses for an event or party. glassware When you’re done with the glassware the designs will wipe off easily with a baby wipe or a damp cloth. sticking labels Edi uses chalkboard vinyl self sticking labels to organize a lot of her store’s paper materials such as instructions and hand-outs.  If she could re-use those it would save her a lot of expense.  The red shows up nicely on the black background! labels All the colors show up well on the labels, even the purple. plastic magazine holder Edi uses plastic magazine holders to store paper because they are convenient to work with.  The chalkboard labels tell her what’s in the container. plastic She can use the labels to tell her the contents or she can use Chalkola chalk markers to write directly onto the plastic. black Chalkola marker She uses a black Chalkola marker to write on the spine of the container. container Now she can plainly see what’s in the container and the letters will stay there until she wipes them off. red metallic marker Edi is going to use a red metallic marker next.  She likes being able to use it without any preparation; she can just remove the cap and use it. metallic series Then she tries the silver, which shows up on the plastic much better than the metallic red.  There are six colors to choose from in the metallic series. wipe away The labels Edi wrote on earlier are completely dry now and she demonstrates how to wipe away the color.  She prefers using a baby wipe but a damp cloth will work just fine.  Chalkola markers wipe away completely on non porous surfaces but evidently the chalkboard finish of these labels are somewhat porous.  The marker leaves a shadow after being wiped.  Edi solves that problem with a little spritz of stamp cleaner, which completely removes any trace of color. no trace of color As you can see, no trace of color remains.  Chalkola chalk markers do work on porous surfaces but it takes a bit more effort to remove the color.  It’s easiest to use Chalkola chalk markers on non porous surfaces. stamp cleaner While Edi prefers stamp cleaner to take care of residue on the label, window cleaner or diluted ammonia will work just as well. paper file Next she goes back to the paper file to erase what she’s written.  She mentioned before that the surface of the file is textured with a pebble-type finish.  Sure enough, some of the color doesn’t come off because of the texturing. stamp cleaner spray The stamp cleaner spray quickly takes care of the situation and the file is completely clean. completely clean It wasn’t at all difficult to get the color from between the pebbling.  Now the file is completely clean. art quality paper Edi decides to try Chalkola chalk markers on some art quality paper. scrapbooking Edging is a popular technique in scrapbooking and Edi finds Chalkola markers to be ideal for the job. black art stock paper Trying another medium, she begins to use a marker on black art stock paper. white chalk marker The white chalk marker shows up brilliantly against the dark background.  Edi loves the way the marker glides so easily across the surface of the paper. plain plastic fold A plain plastic fold is the next surface she experiments with.  She is so excited about being able to use the markers on so many different surfaces and the easy cleanup! creative Edi recommends Chalkola Chalk Markers for anyone who likes to be creative.  They are especially suited for children since they are non toxic and clean up easily from skin and clothing.   Also read – Coloring and Painting with Chalkola Chalk Markers

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