How To Paint a Cherry Blossom Tree Using Chalk Markers and Straw

Posted by Sara Paredes on

Isn't the Cherry Blossom Tree so beautiful to see? It's also very fun to paint! In this tutorial we're teaching you how to paint the world famous cherry blossom tree with our Chalkola chalk markers and straw.


Ready these materials


Step 1: Press the tip of the brown chalk marker onto the chalkboard


Step 2: Drop a little amount of water on the chalk ink using a dropper


Step 3: While wet, blow at the chalk ink using the straw


Step 4: Create tiny branches of the tree using this technique


Let it dry.


Step 5: Using a brush, paint the first layer of the flowers with the chalk ink from your red marker


Step 6: Paint the second layer using a pink chalk marker

Tip: use a wet brush for the colors to blend


Step 7: Use a white chalk ink to paint the highlights


And you're done!


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


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Get your Chalkola supplies here:

30 Chalk Markers





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