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Making an Erasable Calendar Using Chalk Markers

  • 3 min read

Making an Erasable Calendar with Chalkola Chalk Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

Nika Rouss is a mixed media artist who enjoys working with all sorts of materials including oils, pastels, and watercolors.  Her creativity expresses itself in painting, ceramics, stampings, collages and more.  When presented with a chance to try Chalkola chalk markers she jumped at the chance to try something new.

Supplies Required:

All you need is:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Piece of chipcorad
  • Black chalk paint
  • Foam roller
  • Several stamps
  • Ruler
Nika wanted to make an erasable monthly calendar but not just any calendar.  It had to be different, beautiful, and one of a kind. piece of chipboard She starts with a piece of chipboard, black chalk paint, and a foam roller. chalk paint She coats the chipboard several times with the chalk paint. chalkboard When all the layers dry, Nika has a chalkboard about the size of a wall calendar. coat of chalkboard paint She adds one last coat of chalkboard paint. stamping Once the chalkboard is completely dry it’s time to start making the erasable calendar.  Nika enjoys stamping and has several stamps she plans to use on the calendar. Chalkola Platinum jumbo But first she needs to see if the chalkboard turned out as she wanted it to.  She uses a white Chalkola Platinum jumbo sized marker to write on her chalkboard. flowers and stems Now that she’s satisfied that the Chalkola markers are easy to clean off and don’t leave shadows she is ready to start.  Using the white chalk marker she quickly colors in the flowers and stems on her first stamp. blue highlights She adds some blue highlights to the flowers. stamp down While the ink is still wet, Nika presses the stamp down upon the chalkboard. Pressing firmly Pressing firmly, she waits for a few seconds before she removes the stamp from the chalkboard. vines Now she has what looks like a few vines of hollyhocks on the side of her chalkboard.  They look lovely against the dark background. inking the stamp She repeats the process of inking the stamp with the chalk markers. positions the stamp This time she positions the stamp in the upper corner of the board. set of flowers She has positioned the second set of flowers so that they appear to be hanging from the top of the board.  It’s a very interesting effect. big peony blossom Nika gets another stamp to work with, a big peony blossom with pretty petals. white chalk marker ink She starts covering the stamp in white chalk marker ink. colorful flower She used pink and blue over the white, creating a colorful flower that goes perfectly with the hollyhocks. stamp Now she uses a stamp of what looks like baby’s breath flowers and adds ink to it. flower motif Having completed the flower motif on both halves of the chalkboard, Nika uses a ruler to start drawing the calendar itself.  She chooses the metallic silver pen for the lines. blue chalkboard marker At the bottom of the calendar she uses a stamp coated in blue chalkboard marker to print an inspirational message. silver metallic marker She writes the month above the grid she has made, using a silver metallic marker. erasable chalkboard calendar When Nika is done she has a beautiful erasable chalkboard calendar!  The best thing about this calendar is that she can erase the month and keep the flower theme if she likes or erase it all and start fresh the next month. Chalkola chalk markers with stamps Chalkola chalk markers work well with stamps, proving that there are a wide variety of techniques with which to use them. Nika loved working with Chalkola chalk markers and showing her audience a new way to use them.

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