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An Art Teacher Tries Chalkola Chalk Markers

  • 1 min read

An Art Teacher Tries Chalkola Chalk Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

Dina Kowal, an art instructor and graphic designer, tried Chalkola chalk markers because she loves to experiment with new materials.  She offers online art courses and also indulges in mixed media stamping.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Black chalkboard
  • White board
  • Damp cloth
Dina tried all three types of Chalkola markers—the Platinum series, the Premium Wet Wipe markers and the metallic markers. prepare the markers She first read the instructions on the back of the packaging so she would know how to prepare the markers. Premium markers She liked the 15mm nib on the Premium markers. whiteboard She uses a whiteboard to test the markers, an ideal non porous surface that will work quite well. marker Dina likes the way the markers go on so smoothly. creations She was surprised that the silicone tip of her shaper could rub away the color.  However, many artists like that characteristic and use it to make unique designs and effects in their Chalkola chalk marker creations. Clean up Clean up is very easy with a damp cloth. marker wiped The marker wiped right off and did not leave any stains on the whiteboard. swipes A few swipes with the damp cloth took care of everything. black chalkboard Next, Dina tried using a black chalkboard to write some samples. damp cloth Clean up was just as easy using a damp cloth. chalkboard You’d never know anything had been written on the black chalkboard. Dina enjoyed using Chalkola chalk markers and really liked how easy they were to use.   Also read – Chalkola Chalk Markers and Manga Style Art

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