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Posted by Anuj Agarwal on

It’s so annoying when you can't find your shopping list and coupons. Many of us just give up and go to the store anyway, hoping we remember at least most of what we need. We nearly always end up spending more than we intended and not getting at least one very important item.

Chalkola has a solution!

Let family members write what’s needed on a chalkboard with Chalkola Chalkboard markers. You can write categories on the board to make it more organized. As they write their requests, have them choose a corresponding coupon from a nearby box and place it in an envelope next to the board. When you’re ready to go shopping use your phone to take a photo of the board and take the envelope full of coupons. You’ll save both time and money and get everything you need in one trip! Also check out : Greet Your Loved Ones!

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