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Chalkola Chalk Markers Transform Ordinary Stemware

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Chalkola Chalk Markers Transform Ordinary Stemware | Chalkola Art Supply

Colors mean a lot to Maisie, an artist who recently tried Chalkola chalk markers.  She makes her living creating pattern designs as well as coloring pages so she is always receptive to new approaches and tools.  She uses her YouTube channel, Ma'at Silk, to demonstrate creative uses of color and different coloring techniques.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Wine glass
Maisie has a lot of art supplies for her work.  Here you can see her collection of Chalkola chalk markers and the swatches she made of all the different colors. work on glass Since Chalkola chalk markers work on glass, Maisie is going to see how well they do on her stemware. drawing petals She starts at the bottom by drawing petals around the stem.  Decorating any sort of drinking glass is a great idea, particularly if you’re having a party.  Guests won’t wonder if the glass they are picking up is theirs, they’ll know because their name will be on it. names on the glassware Besides printing peoples’ names on the glassware Maisie thinks it’s nice just to decorate them.  Chalkola’s colors are so vivid that they are hard to miss! base of the stem She fills in the space between the petals at the base of the stem.  The two shades of green really look nice together. wine glass In a matter of minutes Maisie has transformed her ordinary wine glass into a work of art! Chalkola chalk markers can be used on any non porous surface to brighten up a room or make an ordinary item special. Also read – Choose Chalkola Markers for the Most Brilliance!

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