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Chalk marker fanatic here

I bought 3 sets of markers from Chalkola and I'm never turning back. The colors are amazing and bold, the pens flow perfectly, and the 1mm and 3mm tips are amazing to work with!

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Bundle: 1mm Chalk Markers - Extra Fine Nib | Neon & Earth Colors

The Ultimate Freedom of Expression

Chalkola’s extra thin liquid chalk markers work on virtually any non-porous surface you can think of: from Whiteboard, Furniture, Chalk board wall decal organization, label contact paper and roll, bistro menus.

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
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Extra Fine Lines

Introducing the Chalkola super slim 1mm fine point chalk markers - Use these liquid chalk pens for more delicate and precise designs on car mirrors, wine glasses, arts and craft paper, books, black dry erase board.

A Blast For Families, Students, and Customers

Whether you’re a mom looking for holiday decorating with kids, clean alternative to standard chalk or paint for the kids, a teacher on a quest for the most sought-after education classroom supplies, or a business, office or restaurant owner trying to advertise effectively and attract customers to your new product or bar menu item, our marker make creating beautiful, fun messages and designs effortless.

Comes Off As Easy As It Went On

Our rich, high quality water based ink delivers smudge & dust free - saturated, clean, flowing fine thin lines that go on smooth and quick dry within minutes. But when you’re ready to write & start fresh, a mere wipe of a wet paper towel will remove your finished ink completely and easily from any non-porous surface.

Kid Safe and Odor Free

Our Xylene-free, dustless, non-toxic formula is both eco-friendly and safe for use at home, Wedding parties, DIY crafts projects and anywhere else that could use a vibrant touch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Chalk markers

We have used these markers to spruce up our windows for holidays. They clean nicely. Halloween we drew a big skeleton and valentines had hearts as pictured. Will be back to buy more when these run out!

Vibrant Colors, and easy to use!

These are a good value for all the colors you receive. My biggest complaint was there was a lot of bleeding and dripping, so I had to go back and clean up the drawing ALOT. But they are very very easy to get off. A little water takes it right off. Even with that the colors are vibrant and good quality.

ACTIVATE your pens properly! •love these•

•!THEY DO WORK!•however,be patient and ACTUALLY follow the instructions!!!•shake the pens for 30 seconds (MINIMUM)or longer•and then push up and down on the tip against a hard surface (you should start to see the chalk flow)•lay them down horizontally for about 2 minutes•and then it should be ready to write with!•the colors are beautiful and pigmented (but I was worried at first and so upset when they weren’t working...but ONLY BECAUSE I didn’t spend the time to activate the chalk liquid in the pens properly)•they give you cute little chalkboard stickers and arrive in nice sturdy packaging•worth the money for chalk pens that are precise, legible, and non dusty/non greasy•fine point tips that are easy to write with

Only certain colors work well, easy cleaning, smudges easily

I used these chalk markers to decorate some chalkboard name tags. Not sure if it it was just the pack I got but the only colors that worked well were blue, white, and green. The other colors seemed really faint or watery.Easy to clean when using window spray cleaner but when using water it wouldn’t wipe away completely.Smudges easily so I used clear packaging tape to hold the design.

Colorful and easy

Easy to use, really nice colors.

Colorful and easy to clean

The best chalk markers I’ve used to date. Easy to clean and very bright!

Great product

These are awesome!! They write nice and smooth Wipe off very easy! Except the metallic require a bit more scrubbing .

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