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Nice canvases for acrylic painting.

Nice variety of canvas sizes. I love how the paint flows on the canvas after I prime it. I can’t wait to paint more on these canvases.

Texas K's verified buyer

Painting Canvas Panels | 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12 inch (5 Each, 25 Pack)

Essential art supplies for painting!

• 25 Square Canvas Panels - 5 of each size: 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12
• 100% Cotton - paint on smooth, acid-free cotton canvas
• Ready to Use - pre-primed with 8oz acid-free acrylic titanium gesso
• Great for a variety of art mediums - acrylic, watercolor, gouache, oil

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Nice canvases for acrylic painting.

Nice variety of canvas sizes. I love how the paint flows on the canvas after I prime it. I can’t wait to paint more on these canvases.

Texas K's verified buyer

Sturdily Constructed

Our canvas painting supplies offer great quality for a great price.The core is made of durable MDF to prevent your work from bending or warping.

Packed to Gift

Inspire creativity with these fresh blank canvas - Each canvas is packed individually and make a perfect gift for Children, friends or family.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Oran Belgrave877888
Five sizes to choose from.

Although this comes with five sets with five each, I plan to use them all within my reach, freedom of art and freedom of speech, is 2 things that there is a lot of people out there, try to preach. Thank you for reading my review. I hope it is beneficial for you. May God bless you and yours. May the rest of your life, be the best of your life. OZ

Connie P
?? Reasonably priced and nice assortment of sizes

These Chalkola canvases were available to me through the Amazon Vine program. I ordered them for my daughter who recently took up painting. Its a nice assortment of 5 canvas sizes, from very small (4x4) to fairly large (12x12). They are nice and sturdy, and are reasonably priced. These canvases are made in China.

Luis peralez
Really good canveses

Good quality canvases. Really good pack for practice painting. There are several different sizes so you can create a wide range of paintings. Really good material. They absorb paint well. We used them for projects to keep the kids busy during their breaks from school.

For art or craft

This is a fun all-purpose pack of canvas board. This pack can be used for so many projects, whether artsy or craftsy.I have a few pet portraits I want to do for friends and I can do a loose sketch or study on this, and , if I want, do a final painting on a regular canvas. These boards are stiff, so they work well for acrylic pours, too. I'm just happy having 5 of each size, and such a variety of sizes.

Kim L
Good canvases

This item is exactly what I was looking for: these are good canvases in a great selection of sizes. Great for my acrylic painting projects. I am very pleased with these and highly recommend.

Good Flat Canvas Variety Pack

I got these for my mother, who likes to paint and do paint pours. They are flat canvases, in case anyone can't tell from the listing, so pours may not be possible. That said, my mom was quite happy with the variety of sizes. She said that they come ready to use, and are of good quality.

5 variety of sizes great for different projects

This is a great set of canvases because they come in 5 different sizes so allow for all size of projects and they are on the thinner side. I actually like that they are smaller easier for my kids to paint and store and aren't bulky. My daughter used her Acrylic paint on these and they turned out great. These would be great for a kids birthday party craft as well.

perfect for kids

i got these for my four kids ages 5 to 9 who love painting but often mess up so to find a value pack of 25 canvases for less than a dollar a piece is great! good quality, paint shows up beautifully on them and will be great for summer projects! will definitely recorder. items are as described and pictured !

Perfect for all ages

These are a great canvas and the different size options make them perfect for every age and craft. It's sturdy, holds the paint well and are a great value.

Dr. Paul
Seem like theyre going to be great

I got this Chalkola Painting Canvases Variety Pack because my wife and I got back into art things (drawing, painting) during Covid, and we needed more practice surfaces for painting. Full Disclosure: we are not going to use these for at least a month as I go into surgery and recovery next week. This review is about impressions of what we got. The Chalkola Painting Canvases Variety Pack offers 5 of each size, which we liked from the standpoint of practicing. We have even talked of using each multiple times. The idea being, we can practice to improve without using a lot of money or more expensive versions. They are the thin kind - we are not experts, so I dont know if there are specific terms - rather than the thicker framed. They look and feel like the real deal and that theyll work well for our acrylics. We like the various size options for practice - perspective, image sizing, framing ideas. We are very much beginners, so this Chalkola Painting Canvases Variety Pack should work perfectly well for us. I will update if there are any issues, but we cannot imagine there will be.

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