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Awesome set & great product

It comes with the cleaner, eraser and cloth. All make it easy to clean any blackboard or chalkboard. The cleaner got off mark's my other one wouldn't. It also comes with a chalk marker. Very easy to use.

Heather Conklin verified buyer

Natural Chalkboard Cleaner and Whiteboard Spray and Eraser Kit - 8.5 fl. Oz

All-natural and non-toxic super cleaner

Ghosting and stubborn stains, begone! This all-natural, non-toxic, and odorless chalkboard cleaner and whiteboard spray is the best solution for smudges, dust, and other unwanted marks on your board surface, giving it an all-new look in a flash. Use it to wipe off liquid or regular chalk, or dry erase markers with ease. The kit comes with two foam erasers, one microfiber cleaning cloth, and a bonus white chalk marker–the complete set for hassle-free creating!

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
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Bonus White Chalk Marker!

Aside from the 8.5oz bottle of chalkboard spray, two magic erasers, and a sturdy 25"x25" microfiber cloth, this handy set also comes with a white chalk pen for fun and hassle-free art projects!

100% Natural and Non-Toxic

Perfectly safe to use around kids, pets, and people with allergies. Our cleaner is water-based and contains no alcohol, ammonia, or petrochemicals. The magic eraser is made of BPA-free plastic.

No More Ghosting Effect

Give those old stained boards a fresh new look! Our chalkboard cleaner kit makes erasing fun and easy, and wipes tough chalk stains off most surfaces.

Certified Clean Ingredients

Deionized water, sucrose ester, glycine, lauric glucoside, and plant-derived lauryl betaine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Work fast and work great!

I just sprayed and left it on a few seconds before scrubbing it, everything came off very easy even those ink were left dry for long time. Highly recommended.

Nice to have dryboard eraser

This is good for our board. The solution earases everything easily. The scrubber is also good quality. Comes in a nice package.

Worked great on my dry erase board

The bottle is much bigger than I expected. It worked great on my stuck on dry erase board (I hadn’t updated it in over 6 months). All supplies needed are included in the box.

Board is as good as new!

The Chalkola Cleaning Kit is amazing! Our board was full and had lots of different colors. It’s been on the board for a few months so I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to remove. It was super easy! I sprayed on the cleaner, left it on the board for a few minutes, then used the microfiber cloth to wipe it off. I didn’t really need to use the sponge, the cleaner and cloth were enough. This kit is such a good value because it comes with ample amount of cleaning solution, a microfiber cloth, and two sponges. This kit will last a long time and last through many design changes for our board. Thank you!

A must-have for everyday chalkboard user

No smell, cleans well, easy to use!

The most amazing whiteboard/chalkboard kit

I was struggling with finding something to get my whiteboard clean well I’ve found it finally and it has everything you need like the sponge and the eraser rag it does everything you need it to do plus more.

Fast cleanu no harsh smells

I recently bought this companies 20 piece chalk markers and fell in love with their quality so then when I saw they had a cleaner that was natural I had to buy. I love how it cleans really easy and doesn't have any harsh chemicals or smells. Comes with a microfiber cloth and eraser sponges too.

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