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Bomb Paint Pens!

These paint pens are fantastic! I love them. My kids love them. Great colors. Awesome value and gives us the ability to create endless projects!

Christopher Tempus verified buyer

Acrylic Paint Marker Pens - Pack of 40, Fine Tip

Make your artwork pop on any surface!

With their reversible 3mm nib, smooth application, and selection of 40 bright and stunning colors, these acrylic paint markers are one of the most versatile and convenient art supplies you can have to get creative whenever and wherever. Kid-safe, non-toxic, and great on virtually any surface, you’re guaranteed to come up with so many different ways to create and color with these vibrant paint pens each time.

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
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Richly Pigmented and Durable

The highly pigmented acrylic ink dries quickly to produce an opaque, glossy, and durable finish on light and dark surfaces, making these acrylic paint markers the best multi-surface art tool you can have!

Multi-Surface, Versatile, and Convenient

Enjoy creating art on virtually any surface: fabric, textile, canvas, metal, pottery, treated wood, plastic, stone, terra cotta, polymer clay, rocks, ceramics, and more. No matter the surface, your masterpieces will remain vibrant, as these awesome acrylic paint pens are resistant to water, fading, and abrasion.

Great for DIYs, Decorating, and Customizing

Create stunning custom mugs and other personalized gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Want to make your artworks on ceramics permanent? No problem. You can easily do so by baking (not dishwasher safe).

Perfect Nib Size

The precise and fine-pointed nib is perfect for all kinds of art projects – for detailing, lettering, calligraphy, illustrating, and more. Enjoy creating intricate and layered artworks with ease.

Customer Reviews

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Good variety of colors, goes on like paint

Nice set of acrylic paint pens, 40 different vibrant, vivid colors._High pigment, goes on like paint. Good for painting on multiple surfaces but with the ease of drawing with a marker and less mess. Ink like consistency and flows into the fiber tip as you mark (draw)._Be sure to press down on a firm surface to get the ink flowing before you start drawing on your work._Color applies with an opaque finish and covers light and darker surfaces._Slight glossy finish._Versatile on porous (wood, paper, fabric) or non porous (glass, plastic, ceramic) surfaces._Good variety of colors: two blacks, two whites, some pastels, some fluorescents like pink, green, orange. Nice range of neutrals and some rich purples, browns._I like how you can reverse the marker tip to get more life out of it.These are a great addition to my craft set and would be good for any age. Good for just about all craft types multi-media artists, card designers, rock painters, etc.Item looks same as advertised.I’d recommend.I hope you found this helpful. If so, could you please click “Helpful” below? Very much appreciated.


Brilliant product

Best set of acrylic paint pens.

Highly recommended best set I've ever bought.Eady to use and reuse. Doesn't seep or run. Dryes quickly and able to wipe off quickly if mistake is made on glass.Highly recommended A+++


I think the pens are really good you have much more control I bought them for my grandkids but after using them myself I’m buying more for them !

Great value for money

Easy to use and good variation of colours

Kids Love these!

Got these for rock art, trying to keep occupied in the era of Covid, and the kids had a blast. I have an eight yr old and a four year old. My youngest got a huge kick out of just shaking them and then holding them down and watching the paint get into the tip, and my oldest said they were awesome pens. So, yay!

Vibrant and easy to use!

I know this is super cheesy (my husband got lasik surgery so I made him this for when he woke up the next day)... and I only used a small amount of markers for this particular project but I absolutely love these. They glide soooooo smoothly and the colors are absolutely vibrant. I’ve used them on canvas, poster board, and smooth rocks so far and they work great. They’re easy enough to use and hold that my 2.5 year old uses them when we do arts and crafts.

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