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Bomb Paint Pens!

These paint pens are fantastic! I love them. My kids love them. Great colors. Awesome value and gives us the ability to create endless projects!

Christopher Tempus verified buyer

Acrylic Paint Marker Pens - Pack of 40, Fine Tip

Create on any surface with acrylic paint pens

• 40 Vibrant Shades - 26 classics, 6 neons, & 8 metallics
• 3mm Reversible Nib - round tip & chisel tip
• Multi-Surface - use on rocks, wood, fabric, & more
• No Fade & Acid-Free - best paint pens for lasting art

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

Bomb Paint Pens!

These paint pens are fantastic! I love them. My kids love them. Great colors. Awesome value and gives us the ability to create endless projects!

Christopher Tempus verified buyer

Richly Pigmented and Durable

The highly pigmented acrylic ink dries quickly to produce an opaque, glossy, and durable finish on light and dark surfaces, making these acrylic paint markers the best multi-surface art tool you can have!

Multi-Surface, Versatile, and Convenient

Enjoy creating art on virtually any surface: fabric, textile, canvas, metal, pottery, treated wood, plastic, stone, terra cotta, polymer clay, rocks, ceramics, and more. No matter the surface, your masterpieces will remain vibrant, as these awesome acrylic paint pens are resistant to water, fading, and abrasion.

Great for DIYs, Decorating, and Customizing

Create stunning custom mugs and other personalized gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Want to make your artworks on ceramics permanent? No problem. You can easily do so by baking (not dishwasher safe).

Perfect Nib Size

The precise and fine-pointed nib is perfect for all kinds of art projects – for detailing, lettering, calligraphy, illustrating, and more. Enjoy creating intricate and layered artworks with ease.

Customer Reviews

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Acrylic Paint Pens

I got these for my daughter. One of the things she's been doing since Covid is rock painting and then going and hiding them around our area. She likes them and said very easy to use and the colors are beautiful. I personally thought the price was a little high for markers, but she reminded me that they're paint pens.


Absolutely brilliant set of paint markers! Amazing colour range and super easy to apply to any surface. I use this almost daily in my sketchbook and get brilliant results I would highly recommend. They give a great smooth finish to any art work.

Sarah Zimmerman
Almost perfect

These markers where super fun wot work with.
I did have some trouble getting a few of the colors flowing nicely but with some work they worked well. I tried them on wood and canvas and both surfaces did very well. Would purchase again overall.

Nice colors

This is a nice set of acrylic paint pens. Easy to use and came in many different colors. It's the typical acrylic pen that you have to shake and press firmly on the nib to get it to flow. I use this on paper from thin to 110gsm and above but acrylic paint can be used on pretty much any medium. I have also used it on wood with good results.

susan hancock
Good coulours

Easy to used

Easy painting

I love to do details with paint markers; lazy and fun way to make perfect lines on paper or other objects...just like writing but with a more permanent touch. Goes on smooth and easy and offers a wealth of variety in colors. Great gift for the budding artist.

Ann weston
Good covering

Worked well on my project good choice of colour

Great color variety and mess free!

This set has a great color variety and is mess free! My 11 year old daughter loves painting and loves to create intricate designs that are limited with traditional paint and brush sets. She loves using these markers to make accents and small designs in her paintings. She also uses them for rock painting! This has been a fun activity for her when she is done with school and waiting for us to be done with work at home.There are 40 different colors. You have to shake the pen before you use it so the consistency comes out right. And when you use it for the first time, you press on the tip multiple times to allow the paint to flow out. You need to press down to get more ink if it seems like there isn't enough.The box is great to hold all the pens and keeps them organized. It also says that you can use a wet cloth or Windex to remove it on any surface. We used an all purpose cleaner and it worked very well.

good product

Covered well liked and would buy again

emma lyons
Brilliant quality

Daughter thrilled with these . Excellent quality

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