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Fun set of paint markers to paint rocks!

I’m impressed that they dry quickly and don’t bleed into other colors when I was painting on the rocks. Easy to use. Fine point enough to draw small details. Good color assortment.

M.L. verified buyer

Acrylic Paint Marker Pens - Pack of 15


Best acrylic paint pens for every art project

• 15 Striking Colors - use for different art projects
• 2 Nib Sizes - 1mm extra fine tip & 3mm reversible tip
• Versatile - use on rocks, fabric, leather, canvas, plastic, glass, & more!
• Fade-Resistant - vivid, fast-drying ink remains brilliant

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
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Fun set of paint markers to paint rocks!

I’m impressed that they dry quickly and don’t bleed into other colors when I was painting on the rocks. Easy to use. Fine point enough to draw small details. Good color assortment.

M.L. verified buyer

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great product

Used for rock painting. Works great

Easy to figure out

I like them. I bought them for a certain style of art and they work great. They would also work well for making signs and other things.

Good product

I’m satisfied


Good markers. Works great for painting on rocks. We did about 15 small rocks and still have plenty of paint left. Missing one color, and got a duplicate of another.

Halley Moore
Excellent quality for price

I am in love with these marker pens! I recently used them to create a sign and look forward to trying them on more craft projects.

Amy S
Bright crisp color

I got these pens for my 5yr son who likes to paint when his dad air brushes War Machine figures. There seems to be lots of paint in these markers and the colors are bright. Pic is a unicorn wood box my son painted- no primer/directly on the box. To get the color its most vibrant the markers needed to be shook before use. If you look at the picture in the lower part of the rainbow my son started using the dark blue before he shook it and the color was very watery but once shook the color was crisp (higher on the rainbow). I also like how quickly the paint color dries. Other than the initial opening and remembering to shake, my son was able to use then with ease. I'm looking forward to painting rocks together with them too! The only true issue we had with these is the pens started to squirt ink everywherre when open for the first time, but we live at 6k feet altitude so Im not sure if that was the cause or its typical.

thomas c henry
Lots of great colors, easy to use!

These pens are colorful, easy to use and great for rock painting! We used them for a birthday party where the kids painted rocks and his them later for others to find. Colors are vibrant and there is plenty of variety! I would buy again!

Rachel Brown
Brilliant and worth the cost

Used these on canvas. Loved the brilliance of the colors and the consistency of pigment. The only downside is that there were some drops that cane out to fast when pumping the marker on first usage.


The product arrived very quickly. I really like the variety of colors included. I couldn't wait to give it a try so I grabbed a rock and tested them out. The paints are very vibrant which I like, but some of them run a little bit which is why I deducted one star. It's possible that the issue is the porous surface of the rock, but in my test only the green bled a little bit and that spot was the same texture as the rest of the rock. I'm not sure whether it needed more shaking or what, but until I do some more experimenting this is how I will rate them. I feel like if they are intended to be used on rocks then they should dry quick enough to not bleed. Overall though I am pleased with them. They prime more quickly for initial use then another brand I have. I just would like to make a note that the package instructions are a little confusing. It supposed to store them horizontally but I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be vertically. It seems like horizontal would cause them to possibly leak... though maybe keeping the tip wet keeps them from drying out. Unsure. And I was confused by the third step to "wash with your marker" but upon further inspection I think it's supposed to say "write"

Dustin A
Easy to wash off hands!

These acrylic paint markers worked great for painting derby cars for my son's boy scout project. Shake um, press in the tip until the ink starts to flow, and paint away. The kids found this method easier than acrylic paint in a tube, no need to wash out brushes afterwards. Smooth round rocks also paint very well.The acrylic dries within minutes on wood & slightly longer on other materials. 20 colors seems to be enough assortment for the kids to make cool designs. I like that the markers have zero odor & excess paint washes off hands with water.

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