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Best chalk markers out there

I love love love this brand of chalk markers! They write so nice and are not transparent! Worked perfect!

Lexie verified buyer

White Chalk Markers with Fine and Jumbo Nibs - Variety Pack of 7 Pens

Complete 7-pack white chalk pens collection

• 7 Assorted Nib Sizes - from extra fine to jumbo tip
• Free Chalk Labels - 50 reusable pieces in 8 stylish shapes
• Mess-Free - erasable on non-porous surfaces
• Multi-Purpose - use these liquid chalk markers for signs, labels, calligraphy, menus, displays – big & small

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Mom Tested & Approved
Kid Safe + Non-toxic
Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

Best chalk markers out there

I love love love this brand of chalk markers! They write so nice and are not transparent! Worked perfect!

Lexie verified buyer

Made for Non-Porous Surfaces

If you use it on porous surfaces, it will absorb the chalk ink and might not erase completely and leave ghosting effect. However, if you use it on non-porous surfaces, it will be easy for you to erase it using a wet wipe cloth.

For Restaurants & Artists

Our dustless, non toxic formula is both eco-friendly and safe for use at home. For Adults Coloring & Painting Canvas, DIY crafts projects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
They write so smooth!

Weve been using another brand in our office and bought these out of Amazon convenience. When we used them, they were so much darker and smoother than the ones we had been using. It almost felt like painting. The fine tip is easy to write with and Im able to write on the board without the marker needing to be tilted down a certain way. Never going back to those peasant markers we used to use. These are awesome. They make me like to write on the board.

Kristy N.
These are just what I needed! And at a great price!

Chalk pens are so wonderful! I hate dry chalk and even touching it but these give you chalk art and writing without the traditional dust and grit. I mostly use these to write notes in my kitchen command center. They show up great on dark surfaces, including the side of my fridge. It's not even a chalkboard, just a normal fridge. They also erase super easily with a damp cloth or wet wipe. You can also erase small sections without having to start a whole project over. I also love that unlike many dry erase markers, these don't leave a ghost remnant of what has been written after you erase it. Ghost marks are especially problematic when writing on non-traditional surfaces so it's great that I don't need to worry about that with these. The point is bold enough to stand out. They write super smooth and do not drip. Really I love them!


Don't press down more than a very very slight push on the tip to start the flow of chalk. I pressed all the way down and a ton of ink came out!!! Other than that, I like these. My use is to label freezer containers. I freeze cups of ingredients for soups, and left overs for future meals. Very easy to read the contents on the blue twist lock containers!. Easy to wash off too.

The Best for precise writing/drawing

Amazing. Tips make it easy to write/draw precisely. Ink flows perfectly. I loved the white so much I bought the multicolor pack too. Ive tried other brands - these are the best!

Fun to use and looks really nice!

I bought the 'chalkboard' labels first, not knowing how to use them, so I did a search for markers and found the Chalkolas which sounded perfect--and they are! All you have to do is shake them a little to get the chalk particles in suspension then press the tip onto the label until it starts flowing and write as usual--so cool! I got the fine-tip markers because my labels are only a little over 1 inch wide, but they are available in larger sizes for writing BIG--and also in colors. You can write on any smooth surface--even glass--and the chalk wipes off easily. My labels are reusable, so I just leave them on the container and relabel as needed. I used to buy paper labels that were hard to get off the lids, but now I use these. Kids especially like them, so you better buy several sets!

Amber knickman
Awesome markers

It takes a while of shaking and pushing the tip for the stuff to come out but once it does it writes very well!

Work great on my chalkboard

I have a Navaris Double sided Chalkboard/Whiteboard that I use these on (just the chalkboard side). I've had no problems with being unable to erase them. I can easily remove any writing just with a dry paper towel. I've had no problems with ghosting.The longest I've left the marker on the board so far was a week, and it erased cleanly and easily.

Ami Cook
Great idea...liquid chalk!

So much easier to use than traditional chalk. You get clean lines and these come in multiple sizes. I used them to make a personalized baby shower chalk board.

Worked great for parking cars

Only used the thinner tip, and it worked great for putting people's names on their cars as they packed into a small lot for a wedding. End of the night it was easy to know who to ask if you needed to get your car out. Wiped right off.It did take pressing the tip down carefully a number of times to get the ink flowing the first time, but after that it wrote beautifully.

Carol W.
Writes beautifully but takes some effort to remove

Love so many things about this chalk marker but I do have to admit, removing it takes some elbow grease- and a Magic Eraser. My original ones came from Pier 1 but they stopped making them; bummer. Easy on/easy off. This one writes beautifully and I love the fine tip, but I use it for a home menu board weekly so by the time I go to erase it, its soaked into the chalkboard paint. Simply wiping it with a wet cloth does virtually nothing, but a Magic Eraser, a little effort and a lot of patience and its gone. Since they came in a set Ill be using them for a while, but Ill continue looking for another perfect one like Pier 1 used to have.As an aside... customer service was excellent! Listen to them when they give you instructions on how to get the chalk flow started. Its not dried out when you first receive it. Do as they say and it works like a charm!

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