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Nice colors

Colors look nice. A couple of them were more drippy than the others, but I was able to just use them lightly and they didn’t make a big mess. They wiped off the chalkboards easily with water.

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Liquid Chalk Markers with Gold & Silver - 6mm Reversible Nib | Pack of 10


Ultra bright chalk markers plus metallics!

Chalk markers in dazzling neons plus two metallics in gold and silver with a 6mm reversible nib can only mean one thing: sparkling, eye-catching artworks! Kid-safe, non-toxic, easy-to-clean, and environment-friendly, this set of 10 liquid chalk pens is the ideal art supply to unleash your creativity on chalkboards and just about any non-porous surface you can think of. Add pops of brilliant color to any business board, art project, signage, window, classroom, and everywhere else–and make your creations stand out!

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
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10 Brilliant Colors

Enjoy adding pops of color and shimmer to any artwork with these bright liquid chalk pens with two shimmering metallics in gold and silver! You’re guaranteed to create attention-grabbing displays each time with this set of versatile chalk markers!

A Blast for All Art Creators

Whether you want to embark on an art-venture with the kids at home, add more charm to your classroom lessons, display eye-catching signs for your business, our markers make creating vivid and striking messages and designs effortless.

Comes Off as Easy as it Went On

Our high-quality, water-based ink is washable and delivers smudge- and dust-free application–with saturated, precise, and flowing fine lines that go on smooth and dry within minutes. When you’re ready to start fresh, a mere wipe of a damp cloth will remove your finished ink completely and easily from any non-porous surface.

Kid-Safe and Odor-Free

Our xylene-free, dustless, and non-toxic formula is both eco-friendly and safe to use for kids, adults, and those who have allergies. It’s worry-free creating all the time with these awesome chalk markers!

Customer Reviews

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Don’t know about longevity yet. Just got them.

Finally found some markers that write bright and bold. Love these. I like to write on our campers windows so as we travel people know where we’re going. It works great.

Nice colors

Colors look nice. A couple of them were more drippy than the others, but I was able to just use them lightly and they didn’t make a big mess. They wiped off the chalkboards easily with water.

Perfect for any project!

These chalk markers turned out really cute 😍 this is only our first project but its success has sparked many more cool ideas! The only thing I would warn about is starting the markers. They are super sensitive and flow out super fast, so be careful! All and all they work great and the flow is smooth.

Washable and vibrant

MOM APPROVED!!! Wrote on my fridge and my walls, next day it is completely dry. I tested a small area & wipes right off with a baby wipe. These are perfect for kids! Making tee shirts to day for an event and I think it will wash right out of clothes too!

Super fun, great colors, high quality!

These are so fun! My 4 year old has had a blast drawing on our sliding glass door. They are easy to use, and even easier to clean off. They apply very smoothly, and include great colors.

Bright, colorful and fun

Nice markers! Fun to draw with. Good chunky size. Work great on a dry erase as well as windows. Very little scent (none really unless you put it under your nose and sniff). Bright colors. Washes off easy with windex and paper towel. Only have to prime once. The labels are nice and the chalk pops on the black -- makes me want to label everything. I don't understand what they mean by reversible tip though.

Very good chalk pens.

These are handle chalk markers. Chunky with a fat tip, so any small detail might need a smaller tip pen. The box says the tip isreversible, so after you thrash the 1st one, flip it over I guess. Works on blackboards, ceramic, glass, windows and whiteboards. And since it's water-based, it washes out of clothes. When you want to wipe off surfaces, you'll need windex or warm water. Comes with 50 chalk labels. Nice touch!! Made in China. 10 pens in all.

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