Chalk Markers - Vintage Edition | 6mm Reversible Nib | Pack of 10

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  • - Suitable for All Non-Porous Surfaces
  • - Vibrant Colors Great for Eye-Catching Messages
  • - Kid Safe: Xylene & Odor Free
  • - Easy to Use, Smooth & Even Print s
  • - Easy to Clean: Wet Wipe Erasable
  • 10 CLASSIC PASTEL COLORS - Use these liquid chalk pens to design on arts and craft Paper, Books, Hand Lettering, Stencils
  • PERFECT FOR ANY NON-POROUS SURFACE - Chalkola’s liquid chalk markers are perfect for: Chalk board label contact paper to gym boards, cafe menus and for decorating car mirrors.
  • A BLAST FOR FAMILIES, STUDENTS, AND CUSTOMERS. Whether you’re a mom looking for holiday decorating with kids, a teacher finding clean alternative to standard chalk, or a business, office or restaurant owner, our markers make creating beautiful messages effortless.
  • COMES OFF AS EASY AS IT WENT ON - Our water based ink is washable and delivers smudge & dust free - flowing lines that go on smooth and quick dry within minutes. A mere wipe of a wet paper towel will remove your finished ink easily from any non-porous surface
  • KID SAFE AND ODOR FREE our dustless, non toxic formula is both eco-friendly and safe for use at home.

Customer Reviews

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HATE that these markers do not come off easily (or completely) but I LOVE them so much I don’t care. I just throw a light coat of paint over top of the marker that remains. They go on smoothly and neatly!

These worked great!

Once you get the fluid moving in the pen, you are ready to go. So much better than using actual chalk; there is a flow and ease to using these chalk pens. Another great feature is that the 'ink' does not wipe off if you rub on it, but it does come off easily with with a rag and water. The colors are fabulous as well. Great product.

They show up

I suggest using windex to remove. We used on a painted chalk board so I think a real chalk board they would wash off better.Colors are nice and bright


I've always been hesitant to use chalk markers & usually stick to regular chalk. The need to pump continuously drives me nuts. These markers, however, were wonderful. Went on smoothly without needing to pump after every stroke. washed off easily when I made mistakes and looked bright & vibrant in just the right shades!


Love the colors that came with this! Was able to create the cactus I intended to!



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