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Would make a lovely gift for a crafty friend or family

This is a steal! I paired these watercolor brush pens with the cute fox and holly pen carrier and I am ready for my Christmas watercolor crafting. Packaged nicely, shipped fast!

Debpip verified buyer

Watercolor Brush Pens & 2 Blending Brushes

Pack Size

Easy-to-use watercolor brush pens in vivid colors!

• Convenient - pre-filled with fast-drying ink
• Vivid & Versatile - opaque & blendable colors
• Flexible Nylon Brush Tip - create unique lines & strokes
• 2 Blending Brushes - 1 flat tip & 1 pointed tip

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Mom Tested & Approved
Kid Safe + Non-toxic
Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

Would make a lovely gift for a crafty friend or family

This is a steal! I paired these watercolor brush pens with the cute fox and holly pen carrier and I am ready for my Christmas watercolor crafting. Packaged nicely, shipped fast!

Debpip verified buyer

Create On the Go

Enjoy watercolor painting & illustrating anytime & anywhere with these convenient watercolor brush pens. Pre-filled with vivid, quick-drying ink, you can create without hassle whenever creativity strikes. The set includes 2 water brush pens for easy blending & layering.

Results You'll Love

From adult coloring books to Manga & calligraphy, these brush pens will add beautiful watercolor effects on any artwork! Featuring real nylon brush tips that are flexible, heavy duty, & fray-free, you can do fine & broad lines with ease, guaranteeing amazing results each time.

Watercolor in a Brush Pen

Paint, draw, blend, & layer smoothly like you would with watercolor paint. Achieve gradient effects, adjust the opacity, & play around with unique color schemes. You can do so much without worrying about smudges, spills, or leaks.

For Artists of All Ages

These beginner-friendly watercolor brush pens contain non-toxic, odorless, & water-based ink that’s safe for kids to use. They’re perfect for school art activities & projects, DIYs, adult coloring, or as a gift for any art lover, including yourself!

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Heather D. Couillard

Used this to paint a Mother’s Day gift for my mom, and it turned out beautifully. (Note: the shadow was down with graphite.)

Fantastic coloring

These brush pens were wonderful to my daughter. Good for her art shading.

Nice large variety of colors

Pretty colors, nice color selection, easy to paint with. A pleasure to use.

C. Hawkes
Vibrant colours; shame about the blending brushes...

This set of brush pens gives an enormous range of colours, which are mostly accurately represented by the plastic colour on the pen end. It would have been nice to have the colour name (or an equivalent number) stamped on each pen - I have tried labelling myself.I was disappointed with the quality of the two blending pens which are included - they don't unscrew as they should, although I managed to add water using the barrel as a siphon. They dispense too much water when using for my liking so I used a pot of water and my ordinary brushes for blending purposes.Otherwise a great set of pens, the colours are all fairly concentrated and fun to experiment with.

Great for a cooped-up kid

This is a nice, large set of watercolor brush pens - a real treat for a girl who has been cooped up at home because school is remote. Practically every color imaginable is in the set, and she has had a lot of fun trying out different methods and subjects. At last, something other than a screen to occupy her - I love it.

Oliver DeMille, TJEd
Excellent Set

Very easy to use, and nice quality. Good for beginners through advanced. No negatives or issues. Great variety in the colors. Excellent set. Highly recommend.

JACX Granny
A Super set. Excellent addition to my painting tools and I will use often

A lovely palette of colours in the 58 pens, from vibrant to subtle, the whoe spectrum is covered. I have used paint pens before so I was familiar with the technique of light touch for fine point detail and pressing down for covereage. I paint fairly regularly and find it a great stress reliever. I like strong colours and I have developed an unusual method of creating a water coloured painting finished off in acrylics to obtain a contrasting effect.I have just completed my first 2 paintings with these pen brushes. On both I started with a paper colour wash with regular watercolour paint to section of my areas in different hues and blends. (This was to save a lot of paint being used from the pen brushes to cover large areas when I would prefer to keep the for detail). Next I used the pen brushes and the blending pens to create my vision and lastly I went over specific area with the dry pens, similar to what I had done previously with arcylics. This was not an exact copy of my previous work, it very definitely had it's own style, and I liked it. I still have many techniques to try and I look forward to combining these brush pens with the many different brushes and tools I have to paint.COST and VALUE Although the initial cost of a full set is high, the price per brush is actually very reasonable. I also work with colour markers and when price compared per item, these brush pens are half the price of a good marker, I cannot comment on the longevity yet as none have ran out so far. Lastly, I am interested to know if they can be refilled and with what?

Mick Brennan
Watercolour brush pens

Perfect for my daughter in law as a birthday gift for a budding artist.

Excellent range of colours, easy to blend, good presentation

10 year old tried these - he is currently into creating anime type images and comic book sheets and 7 yr old who just likes to colour and paint.You get a very good range of colours included which when used with the blending brush and water can create a pretty much unlimited range of colours.For the background to his art the 10 yr old used a light shade in the corner of his design and then using the larger of the brush pens filled with water "brushed" the colour out across the page - once dry it gave a a really smooth transition between the original colour to the faded out white.He then used the pens to layer his drawing over the background which worked well - again leaving to dry completely before adding the fine detail in with a fineliner. We found a thicker quality paper worked best for this.The 7 year old used them to create "paintings" the pens being easier for her to hold and draw with than using her actual paints and a brush. We just used a cheap slow quality scribble pad for this and the pens bled slightly into each other as well as through the paper.I also gave them a try and rather than just applying the pens directly to the paper I used an old clean take away box lid and coloured a few circles on there and then used the blending brush to blend the colours together and then to apply the new colours to the paper, along side using layering to change the brightness of the colours. Again this worked really well provided a good quality dense paper was used and it was allowed to dry fully before layering.All 3 of us found the pens easy to use.The pens are well made - sturdy and comfortable in the hand - lids fit tightly and 'snap' into position. Provided storage box keeps them tidy and secure when not in use.I did baulk at the price of these initially at 28.95 but actually the number you get and the quality actually means they are good value and I would happily recommend

Love these for drawing and writing in my travel journal.

I guess the kid in me has not grown up yet. Opening this box was just as exciting as opening a large box of crayons when I was seven years old.I had to stop everything so that I could “play” with these.They are fun and blend well. Perfect for my needs.

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