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Works great

Just started using chalk markers with my new chalk wall. These were the first brand I’ve tried and they seem to work fine. I have gotten several of their packs and been pleased with all of them.

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Bundle: Magnetic Chalkboard + Spray Cleaner + 1mm Neon & Earth Chalk Markers

The Ultimate Freedom of Expression

Chalkola’s extra thin liquid chalk markers work on virtually any non-porous surface you can think of: from Whiteboard, Furniture, Chalk board wall decal organization, label contact paper and roll, bistro menus.

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Larger Writing Surface

The only chalk board where there is no wastage of Writing space. This chalkboard sign is the perfect size for your home, bistro, business, bars & cafe menus and other events with a writing surface of 12.5 x 10.5” larger than any other brand.

Extra Fine Lines

Introducing the Chalkola super slim 1mm fine point chalk markers - Use these liquid chalk pens for more delicate and precise designs on car mirrors, wine glasses, arts and craft paper, books, black dry erase board.

Comes Off As Easy As It Went On

Our rich, high quality water based ink delivers smudge & dust free - saturated, clean, flowing fine thin lines that go on smooth and quick dry within minutes. But when you’re ready to write & start fresh, a mere wipe of a wet paper towel will remove your finished ink completely and easily from any non-porous surface.

Kid Safe and Odor Free

Our Xylene-free, dustless, non-toxic formula is both eco-friendly and safe for use at home, Wedding parties, DIY crafts projects and anywhere else that could use a vibrant touch.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect size for home.

I bought this to go with the chalk markers. Works great. Love how it has a stand on it. Easy to clean off as well. Nice size to post meal plans on.

Only certain colors work well, easy cleaning, smudges easily

I used these chalk markers to decorate some chalkboard name tags. Not sure if it it was just the pack I got but the only colors that worked well were blue, white, and green. The other colors seemed really faint or watery.Easy to clean when using window spray cleaner but when using water it wouldn’t wipe away completely.Smudges easily so I used clear packaging tape to hold the design.

Now using this to put the daily home school schedule

Now using this to put the daily home school schedule. It's a great way to show the kids each day what is the schedule.The provided white chalk pen makes it really easy to write on the board and wipes away with ease!Can't recommend this enough if you are now home schooling your kids!

Good quality chalkboard and pen

Good quality chalkboard that comes with a chalk pen. Chalk pen wipes of easily with water leaving no marks on the board. Chalkboard has an easel and stands up very easily. Highly recommended to anyone that needs a small chalkboard.

Good quality and versatile

I am really pleased with this rustic chalkboard, as it is sturdy and stylish.The wood finishings are really well done and it is such a versatile piece. I have been using it in many ways: to write little daily messages, to announce birthdays and even to inform the menu of the day in our kitchen!It also came with a white chunky chalkboard marker, which was a great surprise for me. It was ready to be used from the moment I've unpacked it!

Good display or play chalkboard

Nice chalk board for play or decoration. I have got this to display in new kitchen. Nice stand and old fashion look. Comes with chalk.

Doesnt come off!

i used this product about 20 minuets ago. it doesn't come off. now my purchase is ruined after only 30 minuets of having it.

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