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Bright Color

These markers wound up being great. They served their exact purpose, marked bright, and stayed put until I washed it off. I love that there are 5 different tips to choose from so you can leave the exact type of Mark that you want to leave.

Amanda Baker verified buyer

Bundle: 5 White Variety Pack + Magnetic Chalk Board + Spray Cleaner

Larger Writing Surface

The only chalk board where there is no wastage of Writing space. This chalkboard sign is the perfect size for your home, bistro, business, bars & cafe menus and other events with a writing surface of 12.5 x 10.5” larger than any other brand.

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
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Endless Use

Vintage feel blackboard with easel retains its beauty even after regular daily use. Made to work perfectly with liquid chalk markers and regular chalk on our no smear long-lasting, non-fade surface.

Easy-Glide Writing Surface

Wood Framed with front holding tray - Our matte finished black board highlights vibrant ink colors and also serves as a magnetic bulletin board.

Instant Setup and Storage

With its standing kickstand easel design, this steel chalkboard sets up anywhere in seconds. Use on Tabletops and simply lift and fold to relocate or store it after use.

Magnetic Chalkboard Surface

Our chalkboards are made of the highest quality Magnetic Porcelain Steel and are 100% non-porous. We guarantee that it will clean up beautifully with a damp cloth every time without any ghosting.

Customer Reviews

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Love them!
Bright Color and
Ease and quality!
Works great
Write so clearly and easy to erase!

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