Your One Stop Shop for Chalk Markers!

At Chalkola, we are proud to offer an affordable selection of chalk markers and color pens in beautiful, vibrant colors. We offer only the best quality chalk markers at competitive prices because we love serving satisfied customers.  

Whether you want to adorn the windows of your car, decorate for a party, beautify a wall, or make a sign Chalkola is your one-stop source for fun, vivid colors! You’ll find exactly what you need for your personal projects, group activities, or the demands of your business.

Chalkola chalk markers are completely safe for children to use, odor and xylene free and environmentally friendly.

Our products are inspiring and fun for all ages, as you can see from our many testimonials. The creative possibilities are endless so what are you waiting for? Find the chalk markers that are right for you and begin redesigning your world!



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