Chalk Markers - Pack of 21 | 6mm Reversible Nib Neon, Classic & Metallic Colors

  • $16.95

  • - 6mm nib
  • -15 neon & classic colors
  • - 6 metallic colors
  • - Suitable for all non porous surfaces
  • - Xylene and odar free
  • Safe for Children and the environment
  • Makes Teaching More Exciting – Teachers are always looking for more creative ways to capture children’s interest from kindergarten classrooms to high school. Chalkola Marker is the top supplier of color pens to educators who want to make learning more colorful and exciting for students.
  • This Set of Chalkola Markers is a Great Gift! – The creative people in your life will appreciate our chalk markers. Give them for birthdays, other holidays, or just because you want to surprise someone! Use them to decorate on Halloween, at Valentine’s Day, even when you celebrate at restaurants or bars. They wipe right off when the fun is over!
  • Uses are Limited Only by Your Imagination – Use the color markers to mark expiration dates on canisters and containers, leave personal notes on mirrors or windows, mark on ceramics, plastics, glass doors, gym boards, business folders, mason jars, mugs, and any other non-porous surface.
  • Made for Non-Porous Surfaces – If you use it at porous surfaces, it will absorb the chalk ink and might not erase completely and leave ghosting effect. However, if you use it at non-porous surfaces, it will be easy for you to erase it using a wet wipe cloth.

Customer Reviews

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Color the World Beautiful

The chalk pens & metallic markers are the first set I ordered from Chalkola.
They're great!
Will be ordering other sets.
Bright colors...easy to use.

Had a problem

I order the pack of 21 which includes the 6 metallic markers, and these seemed yo be used... One of the markers was broken and dried, and another one barely has ink. Thats the only problema I got.

High Quality Product - happy designer

As a long-time designer, I know how much difference it makes to have the right tool for the job. Chalkola's chalk markers are well crafted and provide a beautiful stroke. I have only doodled, but will be creating a display on a glass magnetic board used in an executive presentation :)

Exactly what I needed

Beautiful colors, easy to use, these markers are great!

Great Quality, versatile, easy to use.

Great quality markers. I have not used all of the colors yet; however, those used have been accurate as described. Easy to work with, and I am happy with the vibrancy. I have only used on chalkboard surfaces so far, and they are perfect. The tips are not extremely fine, but work for medium detail projects



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