Natural Chalkboard Cleaner Spray & Eraser Kit - 8.5 fl. Oz

  • $14.95

  • - Removes Ghosting, Shadows & Ink Residue
  • - Works on Whiteboard, Blackboard & Dry-Erase Boards
  • - Kid Safe: 100% Natural & Non-Toxic
  • - Complete Cleaning Kit: Spray Solution & Eraser
  • - Bonus White Chalk Marker
  • CLEANS CHALKBOARDS, WHITEBOARDS & GLASS - Easily remove stubborn liquid chalk paint ink and dry erase marker stains from any surface. Works well with traditional chalk and will give your board new look in minutes
  • BONUS WHITE CHALK MARKER - Each pack comes with a White Chalk Pen, 8.5 oz all natural non toxic chalkboard spray, 2 magic erasers, and a sturdy 25"x25" microfiber cloth
  • 100% NATURAL & NON-TOXIC - Safe for Kids, pets, and people with allergies. Our cleaner is Water-based and contains no alcohol, ammonia, or petrochemicals. Magic eraser is made of BPA free plastic
  • NO MORE GHOSTING EFFECT - Its time to bring back those old stained boards. Our chalkboard cleaner kit makes erasing fun and wipes tough chalk stains of most surfaces.
  • CHALK CLEANING SPRAY INGREDIENTS - De-ionized water, Sucrose Ester, Glycine, Lauric Glucoside, and Lauryl betain plant derived.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent cleaning product!

I was having trouble erasing chalk marker from my new hanging blackboard but this stuff does the trick! So glad I tried it!


Works awesome! My dry erase chalkboard calendar was constantly carrying stuff from month to month, lol! And the cleaner that came with it wasnt really doing anything. This stuff got all the residue, old marks, everything off and was super easy to use!

Would buy it again

Works great for the glass erase boards

Good product

Good product

Gasps from my students!

The whiteboard easel in my classroom is several years old now and was showing its age! Even after cleaning with a brand name cleaner, there was still heavy ghosting. My students would tell me how they could still see the writing, even though I had cleaned the board. I purchased Chalkola after reading other reviews and tried it out as soon as the secretary dropped it off in my classroom. I just sprayed and wiped right away and was not impressed. I then sprayed it on and left it on for about a minute, and, even though I still had to use a bit of elbow grease, the old ghosting was removed. I normally keep an easel pad up and put that back in place. When I removed the pad to write directly on the whiteboard, my students literally gasped at how clean the board was :), and one student said that the board looked brand new. I would purchase this again.



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