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Well pigmented. Nice colors

I absolutely LOVE these chalkboard markers. In the past I have always used regular chalk that is super messy and hard to hold. I’m so incredibly happy with the way my chalkboard sign came out.

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Neon Color Chalk Markers with Reversible Nib - Pack of 10


Make Your Art Stand Out

Chalk markers in dazzling neons and designed with a 3mm reversible nib can only mean one thing: endless art fun! Kid-safe, non-toxic, easy-to-clean, and environment-friendly, this set of 10 liquid chalk pens is the ideal art supply to unleash your creativity on chalkboards and just about any non-porous surface you can think of. Add pops of color to any business board, art project, signage, window, classroom, and everywhere else–and see how much your artwork stands out!

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
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The Ultimate Freedom of Expression

Chalkola’s liquid chalk markers are widely used to decorate wedding signs, milestone boards, menus, LED boards, contact paper, car mirrors, wine glasses and coffee mug.

Made For Everyone

Whether you're a Teacher, Mom, Student, Artist, Kid, Business, Office or Restaurant Owner our markers make creating beautiful messages effortless.

Comes Off Easy

The chalkboard ink pen is washable and will work on almost any surface! Will erase off non-porous surfaces; such as blackboard (wet erase), glass & mirrors (dry erase) and Permanent on porous surfaces.

Kid Safe and Odor Free

These erasable chalk pens are water based, dustless, wet wipe, non-toxic formula safe for use at home. Time to replace the old dusty chalk with chalkboard markers.

Customer Reviews

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Well pigmented. Nice colors

Nice color. And really good pigment. I use them to label stuff in kitchen and good for organizing documents. They also come with nice stickers

Multi use surprisingly!

I bought this for my wedding guest acrylic board that they can write as they go in and out the venue. It writes well (after a few pumps downward) in vivid color, erasing is a bit hard when its completely dry on windows and metal surface but on acrylics it is working superb.

easy to drawing.

it's easy to use, I like it.

Love these! Great quality

I love these!!!We use these to do our meal boards each week and they are super great!I was worried they would not do well on a metal board and I am super happy at how they do!I am attaching a pic of the board I did with these markers! They are great quality

Great Colors!

I did treat the board first and was able to use these chalkboard markers on it without any trouble! The colors were so vibrant! Perfect!


Easy to get started and use. Nice variety of colors & easy to remove. Use a little rubbing alochol. To get started give them a good shake then press the tip down for a couple seconds & you will see three color come down.

LOVE THESE! Fine lines, opaque and easy to clean

Very fine detailed and clean writing. Works so well on my black dry earase calendar. Extremely happy with their opaqueness and fine tip.

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