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Great for kids!

We are having a great time using these on white boards, windows, and even rocks!

Labmaus verified buyer

5 White Variety + 40 Chalk Markers in Neon, Classic, Metallic Colors Bundle

Complete set of assorted chalk pens

• More Hues! - 40 colors in neons, classics, & metallics + 5 whites
• 40 Chalk Pens - 6mm reversible nib/round & chisel tips
• 5 White Chalk Pens - assorted sizes: 1mm, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm
• Easy to Clean & Use - erasable on non-porous surfaces

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Mom Tested & Approved
Kid Safe + Non-toxic
Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

Great for kids!

We are having a great time using these on white boards, windows, and even rocks!

Labmaus verified buyer

Comes Off as Easy as it Went On

Our high-quality, water-based ink is washable and delivers smudge- and dust-free application–with saturated, precise, and flowing fine lines that go on smooth and dry within minutes. When you’re ready to start fresh, a mere wipe of a damp cloth will remove your finished ink completely and easily from any non-porous surface.

Non-Toxic, Kid-Safe, and Odor-Free

Our xylene-free, dustless, and non-toxic formula is both eco-friendly and safe to use for kids, adults, and those who have allergies. It’s worry-free creating all the time with these awesome chalk markers!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
sherri rilling

I bought these to do a small travel mural on my wall. They were perfect!! So many different colors, and the fine tip was just what I needed. Very pleased with the purchase.

Perfect chalk pens

Great coverage and easy to clean

WONDERFUL chalk markers!

These chalk markers are fantastic! The colors are bold and vivid, and there are certainly many to choose from in this box of 40 - perfect for designs for all seasons.A couple of reviewers mentioned that the marker tips frayed upon priming. I did NOT have this issue with any of them. Perhaps they had a few faulty markers in the box or they pressed too hard...a few pumps with gentle pressure on a folded napkin is all it takes to get the chalk paint flowing to the tip. It’s very simple to switch between the regular and chisel tips - you simply pull gently on the plastic just above the tip, flip it around, and reinsert it.The markers easily wash off appropriate chalkboard surfaces with warm water. I didn’t even have to scrub. I wiped one design off after an hour without a problem and another design after 10 days without a problem. There was some “ghosting” of the word and design outlines when I first washed the board off, but it disappeared completely after it dried (about one minute dry-time).See photos for examples of color brightness, wipeability, and how well the clean, dry board looks.

New picture each week...

My picture window now gets a new look every week or so! Thank you!

Great for kids!

We are having a great time using these on white boards, windows, and even rocks!

Timothy B.
the best chalk markers.

i had extra mirrors i wasn't using for wedding decorations so my daughter and i started to draw on them with the chalk markers we got. they r absolutely wonderful! they wipe off easy and have very vibrant colors! you can clean the surface off with a dry towel or use a wet towel to wipe it off. these are so amazing! the best chalk markers i have used!

Vivid Colors, Easy Cleanup

Prior to schools closing, I purchased those for use in my 3rd grade classroom. My students loved using these markers to write in their desks both to solve math problems and during indoor recess days to draw pictures! We have dark brown desks and the colors came out very vivid, ink flowed easily, and clean up was easy. Overall I highly recommend these markers, they worked great on desks and my whiteboard! Both teacher and students were very pleased :-)

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