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Vibrant colors, easy to use!

They have really bold colors, are easy to use, the paint flows smoothly. I have tried them on several mediums(paper, wood, plastic, canvas, and glass) and I have to say they have worked well on all. Having the right tools can really make you an artist, and these are the right tools!

Lili Hill verified buyer

Bundle: Acrylic Paint Pens - 6 White + 6 Black + 40 Multi-Color

Complete set of acrylic paint markers for unlimited creativity

This bundle set includes all the best acrylic paint markers that you can use on any surface! Create incredible artworks with the wide selection of vibrant colors in the 40 acrylic paint pens pack, and elevate your skills in calligraphy, journaling, or illustrating with the variety packs of black and white acrylic paint markers. With the different nib sizes and amazing range of colors, you'll always find new ways to express your creativity anywhere and anytime.

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Multi-Surface, Versatile, and Convenient

Enjoy creating art on virtually any surface: fabric, textile, canvas, metal, pottery, treated wood, plastic, stone, terra cotta, polymer clay, rocks, ceramics, and more. No matter the surface, your masterpieces will remain vibrant, as these awesome acrylic paint pens are resistant to water, fading, and abrasion.

Great for DIYs, Decorating, and Customizing

Create stunning custom mugs and other personalized gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Want to make your artworks on ceramics permanent? No problem. You can easily do so by baking (not dishwasher safe).

Perfect Variety of Nib Sizes

The selection of easy-to-use nibs is perfect for all kinds of art projects – whether for precise work, fine details, or thick strokes. So you can create dynamic and layered artworks with ease.

Customer Reviews

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Vibrant and easy to use!

I know this is super cheesy (my husband got lasik surgery so I made him this for when he woke up the next day)... and I only used a small amount of markers for this particular project but I absolutely love these. They glide soooooo smoothly and the colors are absolutely vibrant. I’ve used them on canvas, poster board, and smooth rocks so far and they work great. They’re easy enough to use and hold that my 2.5 year old uses them when we do arts and crafts.

Reasonably priced, nice range of colors.

My first set of acrylic paint pens. We are having a rock painting family playdate in February with cousins.I now have several sets of acrylic paint pens and the one thing that none of them have is the colors marked on the markers, not even a number or description just like I have on my drawing and pencils sets. For the Chalkola ones, I had a hard time lining up the colors with the back of the box, I even went online to look at the colors. Seems there is one color I could not identify.The other thing I’ve noticed in general about these types of pens is that extra fine and fine can be anything ranging from 3-7mm, I don’t think of 7mm as being a fine tip at all, it still makes a thick line especially when drawing on rocks. The set is 3mm but found that to still be a tad thick for me when working on a 2 inch x 2 inch space. I did end up buying some of the Chalkola black and white packs of acrylic paint pens in what they call extra fine (1mm) and medium (5mm) tips. The 1mm tip is really nice for rock painting.They have two tips, one side 3mm tip and the other is a chisel tip, kind of messy pulling it out when it has paint on it but that’s how these dual tips work on these types of pens. They don’t flow that well for writing but thought they did a decent job when coloring in a small space. Maybe I need more practice using them for writing.Overall, it’s a decent set of pens with a nice range of colors and reasonably priced.

Great Set

So far we've used these for rock painting but I've got some ideas for more. Lots of colors to choose from. Fine tips. The color came out smooth making these easy to use. Wonderful set to have to keep the kiddos busy at home.

Lots of colors!

These pens are great. Lots of colors to choose from. The point is round when you first open the cap but upon reading the instructions you will find if you pull the tip out and flip it over it becomes a slanted writing tip. They write beautifully.

This is a beautiful set of colored pens that is very versatile

This is a beautiful set of colored pens that is very versatile Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Canvas - Set of 40 Colors, Fine Tip Water Based Paint Markers. I like the color assortment the fill of the pins and the ease of use OZ

Great pens for rock painting

Great markers for painting rocks!! Nice size pens so you get a lot of paint. Shake the pens before using and depress the tip a little at a time so you don’t end up with a puddle of paint.Great opaque colors, perfect coverage. These are perfect.

Great product

Used for rock painting. Works great

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