CIY - Create with Chalkola — chalk markers on mug

Brighten Up Your Work Space with Chalkola Chalk Markers

Posted on 07-Jul-2017

Even if you have a job you look forward to every day you can make it more fun with Chalkola chalk markers.  Why have ordinary pen and brush holders when you can make something exciting and colorful with Chalkola? Supplies Required: All you need is a: Chalkola chalk markers Small bucket Glass Step 1 Don’t settle for ordinary when you...

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Making a Cute Panda Mug with Chalk Markers

Posted on 30-Mar-2017

Time to make a Cute Panda Cup :) Supplies Needed: You can make this adorable Panda cup with: Chalkola chalk markers A clear cup And a pattern to follow Step 1 First, find or draw the face of a panda.  All you need is eyes, ears, the nose and a mouth. Step 2 Cut the print to size and tape...

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