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Brilliant Chalkola Chalk Markers for a Brilliant Subject

Posted on 19-Jul-2017

Sophie, a manga artist based in the UK, hopes to become a full time illustrator.  She is interested in all kinds of art including Sioux, mucha, fantasy, Victorian along with many other styles and formats.  She has been featured in Neo Magazine and has written and illustrated a book, Jellybean.  Sophie tried Chalkola chalk markers and filmed her experiments on...

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A New Twist to Adult Coloring with Chalkola Chalk Markers

Posted on 11-May-2017

There is a new twist to coloring using Chalkola chalk markers. Coloring books for adults are easy to find these days because they are a popular way to deal with stress and a fun way to relax.  Now you can use your favorite coloring page over and over with different colors each time! Supplies Required: All you need is a:...

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